Carbon Dioxide Removal From Atmosphere

Carbon Dioxide Removal Ideas // Published on Jan 27, 2017

Climate rates of change are abruptly spiralling upwards. Although we must slash fossil fuel emissions, that alone will not restore climate stability. Like the proverbial roadrunner charging over a precipice and cratering, we have left things too late. We must also remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and/or oceans to have a fighting chance. I discuss several options to do this.
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Paul Beckwith and Mike Ferrigan in conversation at Part Two section, on ‘Extinction Radio Episode 64, 25th Jan 2017, Michael Sliwa, Hambone Littletail, Stuart Scott‘.  Starts at 1:01:38, goes to 1:49:06, 47:28 long.


Followed by scintillating missive by Derrick Jensen:  ‘From Activists to Lobbyists‘ (brilliant rendition, by consummate Ivey Cone if you prefer).
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Arctic Ocean Sea-Floor Methane Farts: Part 3 of 3 // Published on Jan 25, 2017

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Food Disruption, Climate Change and Ocean Sources of Food: Part 3 of 3 // Published on Jan 23, 2017

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Methane Burps and Farts

Do you think good old Aristotelian Techne [1] or something darker like Thanatos [2] can help us better grasp or instead accept what is barreling down on our planet (dk), or more like, as Paul calls them, ‘methane burps and farts’?  As he so well explains:

Arctic Ocean Sea-Floor Methane Farts: Part 1 of 3 // Published on Jan 19, 2017

The implications to humanity and our societies from record-breaking Arctic warming continues to be underestimated by scientists, the media, governments and the public. Collectively, we are ignorant, brain-dead zombies, lurching into disaster.

Arctic sea-floor methane emissions continue to rise in increasing amounts. I tell this story of Arctic Ocean methane sources and examine the risks of catastrophic methane clathrate bombs in the near future.


Reference:  ‘Effects of climate change on methane emissions from seafloor sediments in the Arctic Ocean: A review‘.

Abstract:  Large quantities of methane are stored in hydrates and permafrost within shallow marine sediments in the Arctic Ocean. These reservoirs are highly sensitive to climate warming, but the fate of methane released from sediments is uncertain. Here, we review the principal physical and biogeochemical processes that regulate methane fluxes across the seabed, the fate of this methane in the water column, and potential for its release to the atmosphere.

‘We find that, at present, fluxes of dissolved methane are significantly moderated by anaerobic and aerobic oxidation of methane. If methane fluxes increase then a greater proportion of methane will be transported by advection or in the gas phase, which reduces the efficiency of the methanotrophic sink.’   Full article continues at above link.

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Arctic Ocean Sea-Floor Methane Farts: Part 2 of 3 // Published on Jan 22, 2017

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[1] “Techne is a term, etymologically derived from the Greek word τέχνη (Ancient Greek: [tékʰnɛː], Modern Greek: [ˈtexni] ( listen)), that is often translated as “craftsmanship”, “craft”, or “art”. … Communication as techne:  Techne is also a part of communication, and affects how human cultures interact. … In relation to communication, techne is based less on what a person says or thinks, but on what they do.’

[2] In Greek mythology, Thanatos /ˈθænətɒs/(Greek: Θάνατος [Ancient Greek: [tʰánatos]] “Death”, from θνῄσκω thnēskō “to die, be dying” was the personification of death[3].  He was a minor figure in Greek mythology, often referred to, but rarely appearing in person.  His name is transliterated in Latin as Thanatus, but his equivalent in Roman mythology is Mors or Letum, and he is sometimes identified erroneously with Orcus (Orcus himself had a Greek equivalent in the form of Horkos, God of the Oath).

[3] ‘In his 1920 book Beyond the Pleasure Principle, Sigmund Freud applied the concept of Eros to psychoanalysis. He referred to Eros as the life instinct, which include sexual instincts, the drive to live, and basic instinctual impulses such as thirst and hunger. Its counterpart is Thanatos, which is the death instinct‘.


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Joe The Plumber, WTF is the REAL Deal With Global Warming?

WTF is the REAL Deal with Global Warming”,
For Joe the Plumber Folk // Published on Jan 19, 2017

Many folk are struggling to put food on the table and a roof over the heads of themselves and their families. Things are getting worse for many. Thus, Trump was voted in for giving the finger to “the man” and by claiming a nostalgic return to greatness. Who has time to get the real scoop on global warming? Not you, or Joe (the plumber).

16215544_1500883203273579_1656513629_n    16215534_1500883193273580_1110462117_n

One day soon, your food costs will go through the roof. Or your city will be submerged. Or your crops will wilt and die. I will tell you the story of why this will happen, in layman’s terms.

16144669_1500883216606911_123214787_n     16176539_1500883213273578_1743514645_n

It is just a matter of time. Not much time…
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Mike Ferrigan Interview With Paul Beckwith, Jan 2017, Paul Beckwith, Video by:
Rick Siegenthaler:

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Food Sources: Disruption, Climate Change, and Oceans

Food Disruption, Climate Change, and Ocean Sources of Food: Part 1 of 3 // Published on Jan 18, 2017

I tell the story of how our global food supply, derived from land and ocean, is being severely stressed by climate change caused extreme weather events, ocean warming, acidification and stratification. Destructive farming practices, overfishing and poor aquaculture practices are also exacerbating the problem.


Abrupt climate change cannot be dismissed any longer.


We are in a global climate change emergency, and very soon it will severely stress large portions of our global food supply leading to global societal chaos.

16128753_1499737736721459_1090609163_n  16144404_1499737743388125_1898352521_n

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Food Disruption, Climate Change, and Ocean Sources of Food: Part 2 of 3 // Published on Jan 21, 2017

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Reference:  Climate Change Impacts on Food Security, from Peter Carter.


IPCC 5th Assessment 2014:  ‘Assessment and Future Food Security

‘The IPCC results are very important to understand because it is only the IPCC assessment that is recognized by policy makers and governments.

There are already observed changes top crop yields, which have all been negative for all regions.

The results for the future from computer model projections do not capture the extent of many large adverse impacts- including prolonged drought, heat waves, floods,pests ground level ozone and climate variability.’
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Dr. Jake Rice, IPBES:  Chief Scientist,-Emeritus, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, ‘served as a Chief Scientist at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada. He is a renowned researcher in the field of marine ecosystem structure and function, impacts of human activities on ecosystems, and ecosystem approaches to integrated management of human activities in the sea.

He has served as the Chief advisor to Assistant Deputy Minister, Science, on all issues of science applied to departmental policy making, international science-policy issues, and strategic science planning and as a Senior National Advisor, Ecosystem Science; Department of Fisheries and Oceans Expert advisor to senior Ministry officials on all aspects of ecosystem science, ecosystem approaches to management, and related issues.
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Global Sea Level is Rising Faster and Faster, Paul Beckwith, Video by:
Rick Siegenthaler:

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The Coast is Toast, Faster and Faster, Global Sea-Level Rise


Global Sea-Level is Rising Faster and Faster: Part 1 of 4
// Published on Jan 14, 2017

In  discuss new science and impacts of quickly increasing global sea levels. This is not a problem for 2100, but for NOW.

16117383_1495954907099742_1072261324_n      16111862_1495967717098461_981862941_n

Within the next few decades, we can expect to experience large upward lurches in sea level, with resulting increases in frequencies, severities and durations of coastal flooding events around the planet. Damage to coastline infrastructure will severely stress economies, and cause mass migrations to higher ground.

Global sea-level rise of 5 feet to 10 feet (1.5 to 3 meters) by 2050 are very possible; even likely.

16118378_1495954950433071_902298231_n    16118424_1495954967099736_1040908407_n

Reference to article, ‘Eleven alarming facts about sea-level rise‘, here.
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Global Sea-Level is Rising Faster and Faster: Part 2 of 4
// Published on Jan 14, 2017

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Global Sea-Level is Rising Faster and Faster: Part 3 of 4
// Published on Jan 16, 2017

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Global Sea Level is Rising Faster and Faster: Part 4 of 4
// Published on Jan 17, 2017

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Podcast from Extinction Radio, Episode 63, from 11 January 2017:  ‘Paul Beckwith and’ Founder, Producer, Host, ‘Mike Ferrigan In Conversation’. This is in Part Two and starts at 2:25:57 and goes to 2:58:00, or 32:03 long.

Follows Part One, which includes potent episodes with no less than Dr. Guy McPherson, transformative thinker Carolyn Baker and spiritual teacher-religious scholar Andrew Harvey and ‘writer, translator & developer’ Torstein Viddal.

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Humanity Flunked, Arctic Report Card

15934664_1489962477698985_1464223513_n    15970437_1489962237699009_1533476333_n

Story on Arctic Report Card 2016: Part 1 of 2 // Published on Jan 8, 2017

In this video I tell the story of the massive changes that are underway at the top of of planet, and how these changes are affecting all of us. I discuss temperatures, ice and snow conditions, permafrost, biosphere and where we are headed.

15941884_1489962651032301_1516577881_n    15941818_1489962607698972_1568614304_n

Story on Arctic Report Card 2016: Part 2 of 2 // Published on Jan 8, 2017

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0ceans on Acid and Rant in Snowstorm


Evil Twin of Climate Change; Ocean Acidification: Part 1 of 2 //  Published on Jan 3, 2017

Engrained into human nature is a tendency to not think much about things we do not see. When we think about climate change we often overlook the ongoing destruction of our oceans. Without a viable ocean, it is not possible for life on land to survive.


The entire marine food chain is under attack by ocean acidification, stratification from rapid warming, oxygen free zones, overfishing and numerous other stresses; in this video set I tell the ocean acidification story.

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Evil Twin of Climate Change; Ocean Acidification: Part 2 of 2 // Published on Jan 4, 2017

Atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide are now over 400 ppm. Whenever it rains or snows, some of this CO2 in the air is dissolved into the water that falls, creating a weak acid called carbonic acid that enters the ocean making it more acidic.


The pH of the open ocean at the surface has dropped from an average of 8.2 to 8.05 over the last 3 or 4 decades. Since the scale is logarithmic, this is an increase in ocean acidity of 30%. When pH drops to 7.9 or 7.8 then much of the marine life will die.

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Climate System Rant in Snowstorm // Published on Jan 4, 2017

I was walking home from school late last night in a raging snowstorm, and I could not resist having a bit of silly fun. I filmed a selfio (selfie-video) of whatever thoughts came into my head. I recall discussing topics like how to slash fossil-fuelled emissions, how to take carbon out of the air, and how to block the sun to cool our planet.

Hopefully, I am at least semi-coherent. Enjoy..
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