What Happens in the Arctic Affects Antarctica and Cats


What Happens in the Arctic Affects Antarctica and Cats // Published on Feb 24, 2017

Did you hear that many (some?, half?) of the ultra-rich are preparing for abrupt climate change by buying spaces underground, and in spots like New Zealand.

Sorry, but the Southern Hemisphere is NO haven from abrupt climate system mayhem. A much better bet is for them to use some of their cash to get decent PR and educate politicians and public to declare a global emergency, and then do the other things (3-legged barstool things [1]).
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My interview with Jennifer Hynes, on Extinction Radio Episode 66, 22nd Feb 2017 – ‘Nick at Relief Analysis and Paul Beckwith‘. This is in Part Two, starts at 0:00 and is about 52:18 long.
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And what would Paul’s work be, without continue updates from his cats, in this case, the very personable Shackleton:

Shackleton Standing Up On His Two Hind Legs? // Published on Feb 22, 2017

Training efforts are ongoing to get Shackleton the Explorer (Shacky) to stand up on his two hind legs. Cats are notoriously difficult animals to train. The expression “harder than herding cats” applies well here. In any event, Shackleton and I are making significant progress, as I document here…
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[1] More on solutions, here.  Easy to use donate feature.  Not getting rich on this.  Humble college assistant instructor income.  Much work is done, to prepare videos, research, furnish website, and sustain this effort and focus.  Thank you.  Remember, a PayPal account is not required to donate.  Easy, fast, and secure.

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Questioning Human Extinction Worldviews


Questioning Human Extinction Worldviews // Published on Feb 20, 2017

Are people relieved when they learn that humans (including them) will not be extinct in 18 months? Surprisingly not. Instead of relief, many vigorously attack any opposing view, and cling to their end-of-days worldview.

I delve into this deeper, examining Pros & Cons of having this view & elaborate on timescales from geological to human. Perhaps folk that defend extinction scenarios want it to happen? That could explain their opposition to any and all types of action to prevent it?

Most importantly, ask questions. Many questions…

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Cognitive Distortions In Human Extinction Beliefs

16809866_1537839946244571_1164064971_n     16831240_1537839939577905_1717206564_n

Cognitive Distortions In Human Extinction Beliefs // Published on Feb 18, 2017

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a powerful technique often used by mental health practitioners to help patients deal with mental and emotional ailments. In CBT thinking, there are basically 10 main types of distorted thinking habits that derail people’s mental well-being.

16839626_1537839909577908_90041186_n-i      16809936_1537839922911240_1309383393_n

Many so-called climate doomers (aka NTHE; Near-Term Human Extinction folk) congregate in social media echo chambers, absolutely convinced that 7.5 billion people will die within 18 months, 3 years, 9 years…

I think this is absolutely ridiculous, and discuss how this thinking typifies all 10 CBT distortions.

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Climate Mayhem: ACTION, Not Despair


Climate Mayhem: ACTION, not despair // Published on Feb 15, 2017

I reflect on abrupt climate change. Where we are now, how bad it is, and what is in store for us. I talk methane, extreme weather, Arctic sauna, jet streams, flora and fauna, oceans…

As bad as it is, there are steps we must take; first of which is global public recognition of our climate emergency. Fantasy talk of human extinction in a few years is just, well, crazy distorted pointless emotional nonsense…
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No, I do NOT think that NTHE (near-term-human-extinction) people are crazy.

I think that the notion that 7.5 billion people will all be dead in a few years is crazy. People are not crazy. Their ideas/notions/beliefs can be distorted. Big difference. I respect all people. Not all their ideas. Nothing wrong with disagreement. It is how science works…
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Please help me get the message out on this emergency and my three-legged bar-stool action-triad, and consider a contribution, in support of my work.  Easy to use PayPal feature, at Donate, here.

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Methane Clathrate Gun: Pea-shooter or Bazooka?


Here is the first of six videos. ‘Will Methane Clathrate Gun Only Fire Blanks?’ // Published on Feb 10, 2017.

Will a huge burst of methane gas be released from hydrates/clathrates in the Arctic as abrupt climate change takes out the sea-ice and snow cover?

That question is examined in great detail in a new paper by the United States Geological Society (USGS), ‘Gas Hydrate Breakdown Unlikely to Cause Massive Greenhouse Gas Release‘.

I discuss the key points from this paper, and assess what these findings mean to overall abrupt climate system changes.
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Guy McPherson keeps moving his expected Near-Term Human Extinction (NTHE) date closer and closer. His latest claim is 9 years from now; namely by 2026.

I disagree with this premise. There is no scientific validity to these claims. No chain of logic leading to this conclusion. They are one persons “opinion”. To call them “fact” is absurd. They are opinion. We need to talk “probabilities”; not absolutes.

I asked online in jest if he has “fallen off his rocker”? He called me a “jerk”. I have been called much worse. He seems to be absolutely intolerant to any ideas that oppose his own. He puts himself on a pedestal, beyond tolerance of any criticism. That is not science, it is something opposite to science.

In a few months he will be saying that 7.5 billion humans will be dead by next year. Or perhaps even by last year?!

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My Predictions: Near-Term Climate System Mayhem


My Predictions: Near-Term Climate System Mayhem // Published on Jan 30, 2017

Complete loss of Arctic sea ice & snow cover year-round. Country-sized glaciers from Greenland & Antarctica crashing into the oceans causing massive tsunamis & raising sea-levels by at least 10 feet by 2050 & 25 feet by 2070. Reversal of wind & water flows at the North Pole Ocean. Huge storms. More often. Lasting longer. Crop failures & global mayhem.

A sci-fi disaster movie plot?
Our planet in a decade or so…

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Weighing Solar Radiation Management Options

Weighing Solar Radiation Management Options // Published on Jan 29, 2017

To have a fighting chance of arresting abrupt climate change we must deploy Solar Radiation Management Tech to cool our planet and buy us time to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and oceans and slash human emissions. We have no choice. These technologies are not risk-free, but risks must be weighed against the near-certainty of collapse of global food supplies and geopolitical chaos.


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