Movies, Movies. Movies!

Did I say that I just love movies. In fact there is a constant conflict between reading a book, or watching a movie (and now tweeting, facebooking, websiting, etc.). When commitments slip with my commitments to my coach/web guru David then it can be blamed on The Good Wife (TV show). Keep it from David, it is just our secret.

My favorite movies (best is highest on list) in:

The Last Year
1) Bridge of Spies
I thought that this was a historically accurate view of the Cold War, when the Russians and Americans traded spies. The movie was full of suspense and intrigue, with some action. It will appeal to both younger people who may have limited knowledge on that time period, and older people who lived through it. Another excellent movie on the Cold War is “Thirteen Days”.


2) Everest
I have always been fascinated with mountain climbers that have scaled Everest. The highest that I have climbed, or rather hiked is up to Camp Muir on Mount Rainier in Washington State. My climb was to just over 10,000 feet, a mole hill compared to Everest’s >28,000 feet. The movie kept you on the edge of your seat, whether you have done any climbing or not.

3) Meru
4) Earthquake

In General
5) James Bond Movies
6) Disaster Movies
7) Action Movies

8. Titanic (aka Gone with the Waves)
When this movie came out years ago I thought that it was excellent, and I still like it. A bit sappy, I know. I have read many books on the sinking and the tragedy caught my attention as I was growing up. This historical interest must explain why I watched the movie more than once when it was released. Even more than twice, I am reluctant to admit now.

9. Poseidon Adventure (the original is much better than the remake)
10. Saving Private Ryan (aka Saving Ryan’s Privates)
11. Gilligan’s Island

TV series binge-watched” in chronological order … Heading from past to present:

1) Lost
2) Breaking Bad
3) Jericho
4) The Walking Dead
5) House of Cards
6) The 100
7) Suits
8) The Good Wife …
9) Big Bang Theory
10) Dexter


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