Solar Radiation Management

The term Geoengineering has been poisoned by the vocal (likely fossil-fuel funded) Chemtrail movement (I use the phase movement for politeness). The two main subsets of geoengineering are Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR).  Double-click to expand image below:

If you want to get vast numbers of emails by propeller heads on Geoengineering, I recommend following this listserve (Groups/Google/Forum/Geoengineering), as I do.

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Many books are coming out on various aspects of Geoengineering. I recommend a few such as:

A Case for Climate Engineering: David Keith

Hack the Planet: Science’s Best Hope – or Worst Nightmare – for Averting Climate Catastrophe: Eli Kintisch

Solar Radiation Management (SRM)
Humanity has waited too long to prevent abrupt climate change from occurring. Regions in the high Arctic are warming at 5 to 8 times the global average, and are destroying the delicate temperature balance between the Arctic and the equator that has allowed us to have our familiar, stable climate.

Thus, it is vital that we cool the Arctic to ensure that the prior temperature balance is restored, and extreme weather events do not continue to ramp up by an order of magnitude or more in frequency, severity and duration.

Volcanos cause Solar Radiation reductions, when they are large enough to inject ash and sulfur dioxide into the upper atmosphere (stratosphere). For example Pinatubo caused the global average temperature of the Earth to cool by about 0.5 degrees C for about 3 years. Thus, injecting sulfur dioxide into the upper atmosphere over the Arctic in the summers would cause regional cooling, which would dissipate as the sulfur dioxide spread to lower latitudes.

Another very interesting method of cooling the Arctic would be to spray seawater into the atmosphere a kilometer or two over the oceans in the North Atlantic. This would create a low level barrier of marine clouds that would reduce sunlight warming the surface ocean. Therefore, the ocean currents entering the Arctic would be colder.

SRM must be prepared to be deployed in the Arctic as soon as possible, to ensure that a Blue Ocean event does not occur. See the menu tab Groups: AMEG for more information and background.