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Chat on our ABRUPT Climate Change EMERGENCY

Chat on our ABRUPT Climate Change EMERGENCY // Published on Mar 26, 2016 Humanity is NOW, TODAY in an abrupt climate change EMERGENCY. This is what science tells us. When the public, policy makers and politicians around the planet recognize this … Continue reading

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Consequences Of Catastrophic Climate Change

“Suppose that your mom is sick. None of her brothers, sisters or children have taken her complaints seriously. Everybody has carried on with their own busy lives, thinking that mom was imagining things, and assuming that she was fine. And … Continue reading

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Whew… No Carbon Monoxide or California Quake.

Whew… No Carbon Monoxide or California Quake // Published on Mar 6, 2016 Starting on Feb 25th, it seemed from NASA satellite data that the gases CO, CO2 and SO2 were at very high levels in the air over California. … Continue reading

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California Dreaming, Instrumentation Error Seems illogical

I took the day off to break ice, shop, get my hair cut, and see friends. What a day to take off:).  I stand by both of my videos released on February 29th on the California gas emissions on the … Continue reading

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