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I give many interviews from week to week, often many in a single week. Often they are over Skype. If you wish to interview me for a paper, radio station, TV station or anything else please do not hesitate to ask. People that know me know that I can talk for a short time or for a long time, about any topic at all.

Some of these videos are done by other people that have interviewed me. In the first few, it looks like I have joined the army. Which reminds me, I need a haircut now. People say that I look much younger with very short hair. I guess that the grey ones are cut off first.
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CLIMATE CHANGE RAPIDLY ACCELERATING Part 1 – Paul Beckwith // April 9, 2015

‘Description: Within the last 6 months, the climate has been changing so rapidly that a number of climate scientists have become increasingly concerned. In this video, Paul Beckwith, climatology professor at the University of Ottawa, shares his latest views regarding these changes.’


‘In this update part 2, Paul Beckwith discusses the new phenomenon of altering ocean currents in the Atlantic which could impact climate in the UK and Americas. He also discusses increasing Arctic melting, sea level rise and the possibility of nuclear repercussions and more.’

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My press conferences at the IPCC COP20 global climate change conference in Lima, Peru in December/2014

In November, 2014 I had, as a scientist in AMEG (Arctic Methane Emergency Group), an extremely generous offer from a Hawaiian Stuart Scott for airmiles to fly to Lima, Peru to attend the COP20 (20th Conference of Parties IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change climate talks).

In Peru, I helped Stuart with the promotion and presentations of many official IPCC side-event press conferences on the Global Arctic Methane Emergency.

I spoke in a total of 4 out of the 5 press conferences that Stuart organized, with my major contribution being in the Global Arctic Methane Emergency #2 event. Stuart posted all these videos on his YouTube Channel, and they also appear on the official IPCC website for the Lima, Peru COP20.

Stuart also arranged for many direct action events on the ground of the conference. You may have seen photos of Stuart talking while this Polar Bear saunters around in the very hot conditions. Who was in the polar bear suit. I would rather not say, although I did manage to lose quite a few points from sweating in the Peruvian heat.

The trip was awesome, and my first foray into the Southern Hemisphere. I cannot thank Stuart enough. Methane is still not on the radar of the IPCC, but we thing our activities in Lima informed a lot of people about this enormous risk.

COP20: Global Arctic Methane Emergency #1 (12-4-2014 in Lima Peru) // Published on Dec 14, 2014

Starts at 5:40 here.  Mention of AMEG, elaborated here.

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UPSI: Paul in Peru
‘COP20: Global Arctic Methane Emergency #2 in Lima Peru’ // Dec 5th, 2014

Here I am, in Stuart Scott’s video, Climate Matters, Conference of Parties, COP-21, Paris 2015. You can see me at the very beginning of the film.  Starts at 8:48 here:

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Abrupt Climate Change Guy McPherson Paul Beckwith part 1 2015 // Aug 5th, 2105

‘A must see.  The biggest story ever in Human history.About Methane, CO2, Climate History.Comment at the end about James Hansen”s new paper.’
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Guy McPherson visits me in Ottawa, and we film 2 hours of video around the city.

It was a cold and rainy spring day in Ottawa on April 9th, 2014. Guy (American pronunciation, not French Canadian pronunciation. For years I used the latter, and nobody knew who I was talking about.) and his assistant/organizer/mentor/friend/photographer/moviemaker Pauline visited me in Ottawa, and we chatted for hours and hours about anything and everything while Pauline filmed us.

We went to a large gloomy cemetery to film a segment on NTHE (Near-term human Extinction). Guy and I agree on many different things, but NTHE is a topic on which we differ. He is for it and I am against it. Or more correctly, he thinks that it will happen and I think that humans will not be stupid enough to continue on our present path and that it will be averted. I usually discuss complete $700 Billion US annual military budget diversion to prevent it from happening.

We talked about sea level rise. I gave my arguments for 7 meters of sea level rise by 2070. For this discussion, we went to a beautiful observation vantage point high above the Ottawa River, just east of 24 Sussex, which is where the evil Harper lurked. Hopefully Justin renovates it to become the greenest building in Canada. At this location, we also discussed Arctic sea ice destruction, and methane emissions in the Arctic.

You get the idea. We travelled far and wide across Ottawa to film our abrupt climate change conversation. Great fun was had by all.

Prof.- Paul Beckwith & Prof. – Guy R. McPherson Talk Climate // April 9th, 2014.  Almost two hours–1:58 long

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EXTREME WEATHER Caused By Polar Warming – Paul Beckwith // Sept 8th, 2014

‘We are experiencing unprecedented Arctic and Antarctic melting which is leading to many unforeseen circumstances, including more extreme weather around the globe. Paul Beckwith explains in this video.’
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Here I am, in Stuart Scott’s trailer, to his video, Climate Matters, Conference of Parties, COP-21, Paris 2015.  You can see me at the very beginning of the film, here.



[Additional Videos by others, dk: Wed_25-Nov-2015]

Arctic Methane Emergency: Economy vs. Ecology // Published on Dec 14, 2014

Third press briefing of the Arctic Methane Emergency Group (AMEG) held on Dec. 6, 2014 at the 20th annual Conference of the Parties (COP 20) for the United Nation’s Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Lima, Peru.
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Paul Beckwith: Climate Change Deep Freeze (Polar Vortex, Jet Stream and Sea Ice)Ecology // Published on Jan 29, 2014

Paul Beckwith, discusses the severity and extent of the North American deep freeze and how it results from fractured jet streams due to climate change.
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WHERE TO ESCAPE AROUND THE GLOBE – Climate Change – Paul Beckwith // Published on Sep 25, 2014

In this 5th video, climate scientist Paul Beckwith shares where the “safest” locations might be, where populations might migrate to and from as the climate continues to fluctuate drastically around the globe. He also touches upon future options; where we’re headed, what steps should be considered and whether governments will take the necessary steps
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ARCTIC METHANE PART 1 – Single Biggest Climate Concern – Paul Beckwith // Published on Sep 23, 2014

Paul Beckwith, climate scientist, discusses what he currently considers to be the single biggest climate concern – methane deposits beneath the permafrost and the Arctic ice shelf that could be released as temperatures rise. Please do subscribe for the latest updates.
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ARCTIC METHANE AND THE FUTURE – PART 2 – Paul Beckwith // Published on Oct 24, 2014

Sept 2014 – Why We Need To Rethink Ice Core Studies and Global Warming – In this video, Paul Beckwith is asked whether the possibility of methane releases due to increasing Arctic melt can be accurately compared to the lack of past methane releases as indicated in ice core records. He discusses the science in greater detail, and explains how using past records to dismiss the “methane timebomb” may be inaccurate.
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ABOUT PAUL BECKWITH, CLIMATE SCIENTIST& Abrupt Climate Change // Published on Oct 21, 2014

In this 6th video, climate scientist Paul Beckwith shares his personal journey from physicist to climate scientist.

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Near Term Human Extinction May Not Be So Near! (Paul Beckwith)Ecology // Published on Apr 15, 2014

Another perspective in the Guy Mcpherson dominated near term human extinction colored discussion of climate.

Also, consider that technological progress (in regards to efficiency) is exponential. Coupled with “extra” time, the technology may manifest to prevent extinction for an even longer time, etc. The expression of a cursory and actually insular epithet like “hopium” does not invalidate this very real possibility.
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