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Paul Beckwith’s Brilliant Rant

On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 9:29 PM, Paul Beckwith <phbeckwith@______.___> wrote:

To Whom it may concern at The Climate Message:

I have just uploaded my YouTube video contribution for your web sit, link here [1]:  ‘Abrupt Climate Change Rant‘–(+playlist) #climate #climatechange #US #Canada #weather #Ontario #weather #storms // Mar 24, 2014

‘Extreme weather is taking out cities (Calgary + Toronto floods), states like Colorado and countries like the UK. Cause is wavier jet streams from huge Arctic warming die to collapsing sea ice and snow cover. This video is for Earth Day 2014. Do your own 2 minute or so clip and post to

Who I am: ‘Paul Beckwith is a full-time PhD student researching abrupt climate change in the Geography Department at the University of Ottawa in Canada.  He is also a part-time professor teaching climatology/meteorology. He is an engineer (B.Eng. Engineering Physics) and a physicist (M.Sc. Laser Physics)’.

Regards,  Paul

[1] Tiny edits/reordering for web, but in principle, same as what I wrote

From: Warren Senders, mailto:  theclimatemessage@_____.___>,  Sent: Monday, March 24, 2014 11:18 PM, To: Paul Beckwith.  Subject: Re: My climate message video for your website

‘Hi Paul – this is a dynamite piece of explanation, both scientifically and as a compelling piece of videography.

‘I’m going to link to it on the website — but with the caveat that it’s not a “Climate Message” in the same sense as all the other videos.  If you watch the other vids you’ll note that they’re all built around some form of performance activity — music, poetry, etc.

‘This project was designed around the need for performers to contribute to changing the public discussion of climate, and my intuition that while the general public desperately needs the kind of scientific explanation you provide, they won’t do it unless we draw them in first. Hence the music, and the multi-cultural orientation (thereby emphasizing that it’s a global problem).

Have you considered collaborating with a drummer or percussionist for one of these pieces? Your delivery is full of rhythmic verve.

Thanks so much, Warren Senders
The Climate Message’

On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 8:53 PM, Paul Beckwith <phbeckwith@_____.___> wrote:

Hello Warren,

Thank you for your feedback and link to my video from your website. If I can find a drummer or percussionist in Ottawa I will investigate doing some collaborative videos.

Regards, Paul
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From: Nick Breeze, mailto:nickb@______.__.__> Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2014 4:52 AM, To: phbeckwith@______.___, Subject: Your video

‘Hi Paul,

I really like your video on the ski lift.If you are having issues putting it on Youtube then let me know. I’d happily upload it to my channel if needs be. I’d like to share it with some people. It touches on a couple areas I am involved with in geoengineering and also religious influence. I interviewed former Archbishop Dr Rowan Williams on geoengineering and he is pro research. Next up, Tutu and the Patriarch in Istanbul. They are all coming out strong warning on climate.

Take care, Nick’

Mar 19, 2015 // ‘My progenies working the geoengineered landscape. I love these black diamond hills where I can ski around the jumps, and still claim that I skied the hill. Like a bunny hill if you do not jump’.

I was quoted at Fractal Planet, back on January 8th, 2015:

Once more: McPherson’s methane catastrophe‘:


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Continues from top of page.  Dana Pearson has done nice climate change music.  You get to choose.  Thank you Dana.  See Climate Change blog.


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