Rapid Climate Change in Arctic, Global Implications


Elizabeth May and other MPs (Members of Parliament) organized an All-Party Climate Change Caucus Meeting on Parliament Hill (which is Canada’s White House). I was invited to present on abrupt climate change to MPs that included many Liberal and NDP people, however not one single Conservative Party MP bothered to show up.

Why should they, they were all climate change deniers (Canada’s GOP party). Attendees included Megan Leslie (NDP Environment Critic) and Kirsty Duncan (Liberal Environment Critic at that time, and now, in November 2015 she has the cabinet position Minister of Science.)

Here is:  ‘Rapid Climate Change in the Arctic and Global Implications’, by:  Paul Beckwith (Ph.D. program), Laboratory for Paleoclimatology and Climatology Department of Geography, University of Ottawa.  // June 07, 2012.

Climate Action Network Canada has been asked to present 3 asks to the all-party climate caucus on June 7th’

Paul_All_Party_Climate_Change_Caucus_presentation_June07_2012.final (cloud)
Paul_All_Party_Climate_Change_Caucus_presentation_June07_2012.final (download, Powerpoint)



1 Response to Rapid Climate Change in Arctic, Global Implications

  1. aogrinaker says:

    Plankton is declining at a rate of 1% per year, Other ocean life forms follow this decline. We HAVE BETWEEN 60 and 120 years till our oceans are toast. WE WILL NOT BE FAR BEHIND.


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