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Nil carborundum pro illigitimi

Madness writ large in image.  But Paul has not quit on the earth or interventions… ‘Illegitimi non carborundum is a mock-Latin aphorism meaning “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”, ‘ or 不要讓那些混蛋碾你失望. Inhabitat had a kick a_s interview with Paul … Continue reading

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Washington Post Published Paul’s Response to Viral Jetstream Article

Accolades to my new friend Jason Samenow, The Weather Editor of the Washington Post, Capital Weather Gang, for his good will publishing most of my response. Here is the much awaited publication of my response and reply by The Washington Post: … Continue reading

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Fort McMurray’s 88,000 Climate Refugees, Climate Casino

Fort McMurray’s 80,000 Climate Refugees (now 88,000): Fort Mac Alberta Lucks Out In Climate Casino Don’t get me wrong. I empathize with the people from Fort McMurray.  Many lost their homes and memories.  I also empathize with the people of … Continue reading

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Ten Stories Media Ignored: Dahr Mentions Paul and Methane

Ten Big Stories News Media Ignored:  Some of the biggest news of the past year never went public.  Methane and arctic warming’s global impacts, article 6, at the above link.  Nice menton: ‘Dahr Jamail, writing for Truth-out, notes … A 2013 … Continue reading

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Extinction Radio, Episode 28

I was interviewed today by Peter Melton, on Extinction Radio, last Wednesday, and is also posted under Media.  The entire show which also includes no less than Carolyn Baker, and Guy McPherson is shared here, and those with less time who … Continue reading

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Alberta scientists Call for Ottawa to Stop Muzzling Federal Researchers

That’s me on the left! ‘University of Alberta scientists join call for Ottawa to stop muzzling federal researchers, ‘A group of University of Alberta scientists is joining a national call for a new direction in science policy and an end … Continue reading

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Profiled by Dahr Jamail at Truthout

Dahr Jamail | The Methane Monster Roars // Tuesday, 13 January 2015 09:23 Truthout | News Analysis.  Full version here.  Selection below: ‘During a recent hike in Washington State’s Olympic National Park, I marveled at the delicate geometry of frost-covered ferns. … Continue reading

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