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Tipping Points in Permafrost Systems: Impact of Local Tipping Points

Tipping Points in Permafrost Systems: Impact of Local Tipping Points // 1/28/23 As permafrost rapidly thaws in northern regions from abrupt climate system change caused Arctic Temperature Amplification, we reach local tipping points that greatly accelerate warming and more permafrost … Continue reading

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Summary of Recent Work Not Appearing on My Channel

Paul Beckwith: Summary of my recent work that does not appear here on my own YouTube channel I am often on many videos, above and beyond my own YouTube channel here. In fact, when I attend conferences such as COP27 … Continue reading

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Broken Jet Stream Cause of Recent Flash Freeze, Big Blizzard, then Rapid Melt in North American

I coined the phrase “weather whiplashing” many years ago to describe the wrenching changes that often occur now due to abrupt climate system change. The recent weather in North America is a perfect example of this phenomena. Shortly before Christmas, … Continue reading

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