Climate Change Impacts on El Niño — La Niña (ENSO) Variability and the Severe Global Consequences

Jun 1, 2022

Description, detailed discussion of El Niño and La Niña.

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Ref: Use of Climate Reanalyzer. SST Anomaly.
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Ref 2: Ref: The Walker Circulation: ENSO’s Atmospheric Buddy, by Tom Di Liberto
Published August 1, 2014 Updated October 5, 2021:

‘Reading back over the many excellent (if I do say so myself) posts here at the ENSO blog, there have been several re-occurring themes—the biggest of which is that ENSO is not just an ocean phenomena but an ocean-atmospheric interaction. ENSO is no one-man act. If the ocean is Abbott, then the atmosphere is Costello; the ocean…Laverne, the atmosphere…Shirley; the ocean…Kanye, the atmosphere…Kim. And just like there would be no “Kimye” without Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, there is no ENSO event without both an atmospheric and oceanic response.

We have previously touched on both aspects of this with a post on the importance of a sea surface temperature (SST) gradient in the equatorial tropical Pacific Ocean (and the lack of gradient may be currently hindering the development of El Niño) as well as a post on the atmospheric response, the SO part of ENSO, where Emily Becker described the Southern Oscillation, especially the lack of typical response in that Southern Oscillation during June 2014.

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Also mention of thirteen interviews on CBC:

CBC interviews Wednesday morning EDT
Please see below for the interview schedule for Paul Beckwith.
All times below are ET.
For Guest / Host – Local time at guest location

6:10 MONTREALDaybreak
Sean Henry – Host, Twitter: @cbcdaybreak

6:20 CAPE BRETON (SYDNEY) Information Morning
Steve Sutherland – Host, Twitter: @InfoMorningCB

6:40 KITCHENER-WATERLOO The Morning Edition
Host: Craig Norris, Twitter: @cbckw891

6:50 CHARLOTTETOWNIsland Morning
Mitch Cormier – Host, Twitter: @mitchcormierCBC

7:00 SAINT JOHNInformation Morning
Julia Wright – Host, Twitter (show): @InfoAMSJ and Twitter (host): @thewrightpage

7:30 YELLOWKNIFEThe Trailbreaker
Loren McGinnis- Host, Twitter: @TheTrailBreaker

7:40 MONCTONInformation Morning
Jonna Brewer – Host, Twitter: @JonnaBrewerCBC

7:50 EDMONTON Edmonton AM
Mark Connolly – Host, Twitter handle @markconnollycbc

8:00 CALGARY The Eyeopener
David Gray – Host, Twitter (host David Gray): @graydio1, Show: @cbceyeopener

8:10 VICTORIAOn The Island
Gregor Craigie – Host
Twitter: @cbcontheisland @GregorCraigie

8:20 KELOWNA Daybreak South
Chris Walker – Host, Twitter: @cbckelowna

8:40 REGINAThe Morning Edition
Host: Stefani Langenegger, Producer: Janani Whitfield, Twitter handle: @SLangeneggerCBC

8:50 ONTARIOOntario AM
Twitter: @CBCOntMorning

Ref: Use of Climate Reanalyzer. SST Anomaly

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