Ecoshock Radio Podcast

My favorite interviewer is Alex Smith of Ecoshock Radio. He always does his background research, asks great questions to put me on the hot-seat, and has a wonderful radio voice. Also, he always says that I am one of his listeners favorites. I usually have an interview with Alex on his first or second show in early September, and then a second yearly interview about 6 months later:

We have been doing this for at least 3, maybe even 4 years so I have become a regular on his wonderful program. I think Ecoshock Radio is one of the best radio programs out there on climate change and other environmental issues that we face.

I was prominently featured, on Ecoshock Radio, here. One of my best some say:

Wednesday, May 27, 2015, Crashing Climate Change.  On SoundCloud, directly here, RadioEcoShock:

‘SUMMARY: Climate scientist Paul Beckwith from the University of Ottawa rejoins Alex Smith to investigate the latest record heat, melting, and emissions. Are we already entering an extreme climate shift?

Among the news covered:

* 2015: hottest first 3 months ever
* the new highest carbon dioxide levels ever recorded
* methane and melting permafrost in Russia
* record extreme heat in Spain, Portugal and Italy
* will the California drought last 30 years? (and is it time to get out)
* Australians lose billions with heat waves (even indoor workers affected)
* Canadian scientists protest government muzzling
* Arctic sea ice at new record low for May
* Obama approves Shell Arctic drilling
* even more ice loss in Antarctica then we knew.’

There are several episodes and I will be sharing more of them in the future.  Here is a second one:

At his webpage:  ‘Are We Already in Abrupt Climate Change?‘  Similarly at the SoundCloud, ‘Already In Abrupt Climate Shift?‘ (starts at 1:04) // Wednesday, September 09, 2015:


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