Lake Winnipeg Water Level testimony April/2015

I was invited to study the Lake Winnipeg watershed and testify at the Manitoba Government Clean Environment Commission (CEC) hearings on regulation of water levels on Lake Winnipeg. Manitoba Hydro has many power stations that operate on the outflow of the lake, and lake levels must be kept within a specified tolerance.

The Non-governmental Organization (NGO) that I worked for was Manitoba Wildlands.

Click here, to view my powerpoint presentation to the CEC Board at the hearing, Climate System Change, from Global to Local: Lake Winnipeg Watershed.

Click here, for a transcript of my hour long presentation to the CEC Board at the hearing.

Click here view my comprehensive report on climate change in the Lake Winnipeg Basin, and globally.

Although my presentation was for the Lake Winnipeg region, much of it is applicable to anywhere on the planet.