Well known and respected creator of entertaining and comprehensible videos of sometimes daunting subjects, especially in climate system science, meteorology (weather), oceanography and Earth Sciences at YouTube.  Has a knack for explaining complex issues in easily understood language to the general public.

Paul has been frequently called upon by fellow educators, activists, and concerned persons in the public and government (locally and nationally) to speak, narrate, expand in video, podcasts, and other interview formats such as panels, conferences, and events.

Widely followed ‘influencer’ at Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for sharing significant resources and content in Earth Sciences, climate change and geo-engineering, to name but a few.

Physicist, Engineer, and now a part-time professor at the University of Ottawa. He is in a Ph.D. program, with a focus on Abrupt Climate System Change (atmosphere, oceans, Arctic, methane…).

He has earned a Masters in Science (M.Sc.) in Laser Optics/Physics. He also earned his undergraduate, with a Bachelors of Engineering (B.Eng.) in Engineering Physics.

Also interested in investment and startups in climate solutions and renewable energy. An avid chess player, who once attained a ranking of 41st in all of Canada. He has taught chess for the last ten years weekly, at a local community center.

In addition to his teaching, writing, speaking, and ceaseless use of social media where Paul is always sharing and helping get the word out about the enormous risks of abrupt climate change in a big way, Paul is a father, a long time husband, an avid cottager and boater, has restored several hundred-year old homes, greatly increasing their energy efficiency, doing much of this with his own hands.

He is involved in the very early stages of developing an entrepreneurial startup venture based out of Northern Europe, using the latest in innovative climate change thinking to examine climate change solutions that can prevent catastrophic climate disruption. This means an approved sabbatical.

Paul is available for short or intermediate engagements with most major news organizations.

Click here to download short, 2 page resume: Paul Beckwith Resume, November-12-2015.
Click to download.  Longer version remains here–also has download, with web preview of two of its 14 pages, and Cloud for iPhones and SmartPhones.