What we must simultaneously do to avoid abrupt climate change and stabilize the climate:

1) Slash fossil-fuel emissions to zero. As-soon-as-possible; certainly this could be achieved by 2030; imagine, for example that the > $700 billion US annual military budget was redirected for several years to do this…

[pb,  suggest you clarify that not all Energy Efficiency is about residential work, which while, just as the consumer is 70% of economic activity, nevertheless is not all.  So here.  This is to complete the virtual triumvirate you indicate here of:  EE/SRM/CDR. dk]

2) Cool the Arctic using Solar Radiation Management (SRM) techniques that we know will work.

3) Remove CO2 from the atmosphere using human-assisted accelerated Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) techniques. Note that we could alternately remove the CO2 from the sea water. Lowering concentrations in either the ocean or atmosphere will cause it to lower in the other.

We have no choice, our backs are against the wall (or rather inside or even behind the wall which is very thick). All three of these actions need to be taken for humanity to have a fighting chance at maintaining ecosystems and civilizations.



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  1. Hello Paul,
    a problem with the worldview of many scientists and engineers (e.g. Kevin Anderson) is that they are looking at the problem from a physical perspective mostly, which simply does not represent the system. Also, economists tend to look at the problem within their economic models, which also is inadequate. Tim Garrett has used thermo-dynamics, which combines economics with thermodynamics, which gives us a better insight into Jevon’s Paradox.

    However, the entire system is civilisation – which is too complex to deal with just in terms of technologies. This is why I am advocating a monetary solution – because it can tie down the problem of AGW with macro-economics. The market can take care of the technologies.

    Please read and vote!.



  2. Randy Scovil says:

    Ok guys so did you talk ? What consensus did you reach ?


  3. ttmallard says:

    For solutions that scale and matter increasing albedo, reflectivity is most important, it’s controlling a huge heat-source so white cars not color same for homes, their roofs and no more black tarmac.

    With today’s sea-ice albedo-loss it’s worth 25-years of USA power compared to the previous average 1980-2010 sea-ice cover, about 3,800-Terajoule-hours/yr for USA power = 95,000-Twh a year in energy, 1-Watt = 1-Joule.

    Global steam capacity is some 18,000-Twh/year so the waste-heat is 36,000-Twh/year of direct heating; to compare: 36000÷95000 = 38% of albedo-loss for impacts.

    Flipping substations over to wind-solar-storage will take 5-years if it’s a war … what’s left of the grid if you do that?

    For transportation biofuel purify wastewater using algae at the sewage treatment plant they do a good job and make full recycling rather cheap by having a high-volume supply of biodiesel from the algae harvest, this makes about 2-gal/day per person USA burns about 1.7-gal/day for all types of transportation fuels.

    To cool the world, a coastal engineering project is to create an sea-ice refuge in Bering Straits from St. Lawrence Island then levees and ice-polders to take over territory at-sea, the ice-polders keep currents and waves from mechanically wiping the ice clean in storms so they stratify and refreeze the bottom.

    If these ice-polders work to then create artificial atolls surrounding the large methane flares to refreeze those.

    With a lot of research done, shipping and freshwater flow are near shore with levees and artificial shoals to maintain sea-mammal migration paths and restore habitat for seals and walrus. I started a thread on ARS forums,,1545.0.html, it’s from the initial inspiration the Q&A,a history of the idea now using the main page for recent work & ref’s as it became more filled out in how to try.

    The methods will be tested saving the eroding Tribal villages to refine the dredge-n-fill technique to then build the weir dam and first ice-polders.

    What this can do is keep ice year-round in the Straits and much longer seasonally in the Chukchi for sure and Beaufort a goal, then south to take in half of the Bering Sea mainly with artificial shoals to control wind-driven slabbing, watching the path of the winter Beluga hunt as part of placing structures.

    If levees & artificial shoals are used surrounding the Arctic Ocean by all countries near shorelines for shipping and guiding freshwater it will greatly reduce the seaward advance and add to what survives yearly the thesis.

    That would be significant to forestalling the inevitable a serious amount of time if sea-ice stays year-round, this doesn’t depend on emission reductions, it’s a direct fix using modified Dutch techniques.

    The current flow brings 30-Twh/year of fresher water and heat to melt out the Straits first and freeze last consistently every year, damming them ends this.

    About 20% of the power on the grid is used for thermal needs, not electrons, so that 80% a lot of it can be supplied by architecture … a whole other topic, focus on a sea-ice refuge for global impact.


  4. Ron Watson says:

    Where are the economic and cultural solutions?

    Won’t it take a change to our consumer culture and “Grow or Die” Rape & Pillage economics and industry? I think a social and economic paradigm shift is the greatest key to surviving this Climaticide. Not much talk about it either.

    Seems to be easier to geoengineer the planet than leash up Big Corporate & the Oligarchs.

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  5. Paul Crewther says:

    Paul, some say a nuclear winter could save us. It would drop temperatures by 2.5-4C for up to a decade. But the CO2 released during the war would surely accelerate the greenhouse process. So would it buy the survivors time or speed up our extinction?


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