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Tweets of the Week: Paul’s Picks Oct 16-22

Flying insect numbers drop 76% in 27 years. Industrial fishing, farming & #climatechange are wrecking ecosystems. — Paul Beckwith (@PaulHBeckwith) October 23, 2017 In this Guardian article, Monbiot argues that pesticide use in industrial scale farming is the … Continue reading

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Cockamanie Climate Change Claims

Cockamanie Climate Change Claims:  Removing CO2 from the Atmosphere & Oceans with Exponential Algae Growth // Published on Aug 18, 2017 Sunlight warms Earth’s surface. Heat radiates up and is trapped by greenhouse gases (GHGs).  Human emissions increase GHGs increasing warming. … Continue reading

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Washington Post Published Paul’s Response to Viral Jetstream Article

Accolades to my new friend Jason Samenow, The Weather Editor of the Washington Post, Capital Weather Gang, for his good will publishing most of my response. Here is the much awaited publication of my response and reply by The Washington Post: … Continue reading

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