Alternate Energy
Wind (large scale and residential), solar (photovoltaic and thermal), geothermal, and marine (waves, tidal) are all clean technology fields that I monitor. Mostly to get a good feel for which are growing the fastest and the most likely to dominate in a Manhattan Scale emergency transition to eliminate global fossil fuel emissions as quickly as possible. Secondarily to guess which companies are most likely to succeed.

Energy Efficiency
It is far cheaper to gather the low-hanging fruit of so-called nega-watts (reducing energy usage by being smarter with any device that uses energy, as opposed to increasing energy supply). If you want a first step, then wait until LEDs in your local Home Depot/Rona/hardware store go on sale and replace every light in your residence and enjoy the instant savings after the 6 to 9 month capital cost elimination. After that time period, everything else is gravy.

Solar Radiation Management
SRM is required to cool the Arctic quickly to ensure that the temperature balance (cold Arctic à warm equator) is restored. This will strengthen the jet streams, and lead to increased stabilization of the weather patterns. It is necessary but not sufficient; we must also slash emissions as quickly as possible and remove CO2 from the atmosphere/oceans.

Carbon Dioxide Removal
CDR is also necessary, along with slashing emissions and cooling the Arctic. Slashing emissions will halt the exponential rise of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere and oceans (the latter acidifies the oceans). It is not sufficient since we must reduce the present 400 ppm carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere back down to 350 ppm (raison d’etre for the NGO 350Now) or even lower to 300 ppm to restore the stability of our climate.

9/21/15: Suffice to say I am very active teaching, writing, filming, and my comprehensive work and study and communication as an educator, at Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and now WordPress are very time consuming. However I am also dipping my toes into developing entrepreneurial projects in North America and Europe alike.”

“10/07/15:  Same as before; cannot go into details yet, but things are moving ahead with venture, and I will likely be both a cofounder and part owner of a climate solutions enterprise in Norway, which bridges entrepreneurship and venture. This would utilize my knowledge towards helping the Earth. I am excited. Like I said, more latter; for now just the basics.”

11/20/15, As I already recently posted at the blog on Friday the 20th under ‘Going to Paris… Norway‘, in Europe is now on the table, and am now going to Norway after Paris.

[Solutions already touches this, and will be further coordinated, in the future.  dk]