I am co-inventor on a laser patent, and sole inventor on another. The most recent is from my work as Product Line Manager (PLM) at JDS Uniphase in Ottawa. The Wavelength Blocker is a device that is used in high speed fiber optic communication systems to selectively remove wavelengths from a multichannel fiber. My first patent was my invention of a device to monitor the optical window of a high powered Excimer Laser allowing determination of output power degradation in an automated system.

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Thomas Ducellier, Ian MacDonald, Jasvinder Obhi, Barry Keyworth, Paul Beckwith, Jack Tomlinson, United States Patent No. 7,014,326 titled “Wavelength Blocker”, March 21, 2006 (JDS Uniphase work).

Paul Beckwith, United States Patent No. 5,005,177 titled “Laser Optics Quality Monitoring”, April 2, 1991 (Lumonics work).