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Climate Change Disruption, Ratio of Male-Female Babies

Climate Change Disruption of Baby Male-Female Ratio // Jan 23, 2019 Two truisms on rapid climate change are that a) it affects just about everything, and b) it is happening much faster than expected. With a) in mind, it is … Continue reading

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Propaganda and Information Warfare In Social Media

  Propaganda and Information Warfare Within Social Media // Published on Apr 5, 2018 A confluence of recent technologies are undermining planetary democracies, and negating our ability to act on climate change.  The global proliferation of smart phones, individually associated with … Continue reading

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Epic Interview: Paul 5.0

So Paul does not seem too vain (dk here)–and he is not–FYI the title was not chosen by him, but rather by his faithful servant, David Korn, Special Projects who has been with him from here day one, from eleven months … Continue reading

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Washington Post Published Paul’s Response to Viral Jetstream Article

Accolades to my new friend Jason Samenow, The Weather Editor of the Washington Post, Capital Weather Gang, for his good will publishing most of my response. Here is the much awaited publication of my response and reply by The Washington Post: … Continue reading

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Guest Post, Miracle or Terror?

Paul has never posted a comment as a separate page, to his webpage (dk). He thought this one by Greg had particular merit, so we appropriately create a section for it, so it can be shared in full, unedited or … Continue reading

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California Dreaming, Instrumentation Error Seems illogical

I took the day off to break ice, shop, get my hair cut, and see friends. What a day to take off:).  I stand by both of my videos released on February 29th on the California gas emissions on the … Continue reading

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COP21 Deal Cannot Prevent Devastating Climate Change, Academics warn

A serious, hard hitting article from The Independent, which I am materially mentioned in: COP21: Paris deal far too weak to prevent devastating climate change, academics warn.  It begins (here is a clip, please click link for entire article.  Our Letter … Continue reading

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Starting 2016 With a Real Bang

     Above image from, ‘9 Maps That Show How Completely Bizarre Your Christmas Eve Weather‘ Was. Of course the stuck jet stream is heading North North East and separates the cold dry air from the Arctic extending far southward … Continue reading

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In defense of AMEG (Arctic Methane Emergency Group)

In defense of AMEG–Arctic Methane Emergency Group //Published on Apr 6, 2014 ‘What is AMEG–Arctic Methane Emergency Group-)? Why did we form and when? Who are we, and what do we want? I joined 2.5 years ago–1 month after the … Continue reading

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