AMEG – Arctic Methane Emergency Group

I have been a member of The Arctic Methane Emergency Group (AMEG) since the group was founded in late 2010 (or was it 2011?). The basic case that we have tried to educate the public on for strong emergency situation action are:

1) Arctic temperature amplification is occurring due to Arctic region darkening from exponential loss of sea ice cover and spring snow cover. The darker region absorbs more solar radiation heating the region from 5 to 8 times faster than the global temperature average.

2) The resulting decreased temperature difference between the Arctic and Equator is slowing the jet streams, making them wavier and slower and much more fractured and chaotic.

3) Combined with increased water vapor in the atmosphere to fuel storms, the fractured jet stream is causing enormous weather weirding including: a)much higher frequencies of occurrence (more often) severe weather events (torrential rains causing floods, extended droughts elsewhere, or whiplashing between the two states) b)greatly increasing storm intensities (months of rain in a day or two), and c)storm durations increasing. Also, storms are happening where they never occurred before.

4) A greatly warming Arctic will lead to rapid collapse of the summer Arctic sea ice, likely before this decade ends. The enormous risk is that methane emissions from the permafrost on land and in the sea floor skyrocket, or marine methane clathrates are released.

5) Net effect: global average temperatures warm up to 6 degrees Celsius in a decade or two.

Many years ago, I came to the logical conclusion that our climate system has destabilized and we are plunging forward with ongoing abrupt climate change.

What we must simultaneously do to avoid this:
1) Slash fossil-fuel emissions to zero (ASAP, possible by 2030, imagine $700 billion US annual military budget redirected for several years to achieve this)

2) Cool the Arctic using Solar Radiation Management (SRM) techniques that we know will work

3) Remove CO2 from the atmosphere using human-assisted accelerated Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) techniques.

We have no choice, our backs are against the wall (or rather inside or even behind the wall which is very thick)…

AMEG – Arctic Methane Emergency Group

About AMEG
AMEG is a group of determined scientists, engineers, communicators and others, dedicated firstly to establishing what really is happening to our planet (especially in the Arctic) using best scientific evidence, secondly to finding effective and affordable means to deal with the situation, and thirdly communicating these matters to authority and the general public.
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CMOS – Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society

CMOS is a national group of weather and ocean geeks. In the Ottawa Chapter, we have monthly lunch and talk sessions on topical issues. I have been a member of the group since 2010, and gave a talk there on Abrupt Climate Change.

CMOS national website
CMOS Ottawa Chapter

My CMOS talk in 2010 that had well over 80,000 downloads within a year of the talk and blew up the Ottawa Chapter website.