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Nov3_2011 060

My home away from the world, Sand Lake near Elgin, Ontario

June29_2011 090

This photo was taken in the Mer Bleue bog in Ottawa a few years ago. I went on a coring expedition to the bog, and we removed a cylindrical slug of the bog from the surface down about ten meters (33 feet or so) to the sandy bottom that was deposited near the end of the last ice age about 10,000 years ago when the land had been pushed down by the vast weight of glacial ice such that the ocean extended inland to form a massive saltwater lake that covered what is now Montreal and Ottawa. The ten meters of peat has been deposited since that time.

Irene_Aug28_2011 006

Hurricane Irene (August 28th, 2011) caused lots of flooding on the US East coast and great sunsets in Ottawa.

Aug10_2011 066

August 10, 2011
Olympic Stadium in Montreal

July15_2011 058

Determination.  Reminds me of college dorms; ask me for more info…not me, of course.