Extinction Radio, Podcast

Just to be perfectly clear, I do not believe that human beings are stupid enough to continue much longer on our present path of uncontrolled growth and accelerated fossil fuel burning with abrupt climate change leading to likely societal collapse and the 6th great mass extinction, us included.

Human beings can be an enormous braking, arresting, slowing feedback to abrupt climate change, and step back from the brink.

That said, I am very happy with being interviewed on a weekly basis with the very talented people on extinction radio.

Episode 28 10-4-2015.  I am interviewed by Peter Melton, and discuss both the severity of rapid climate change, as well as potential or possible remedies.  Peter as you might know, has worked closely with Carolyn Baker and Guy McPherson alike.

‘We would like to thank Mike Ferrigan for his efforts in founding and running Extinction Radio for the first 24 episodes. This show would not exist without Mike’s vision and hard work. Thank you Mike Ferrgan’.  ‘Gene Gibson, Host–​Co-Producer’.

Extinction Radio Episode 28 10-4-2015.  Major elements:

02:35 Peter Wadhams interviewed by Nick Breeze
24:21 Paul Beckwith interviewed by Peter Melton (link goes directly to show)
45:40 Cathe Fish interviewed by Ivey Cone
75:57 Carolyn Baker
83:55 Guy McPherson Q&A
87:51 John Compost Cossham
———- ———-

Snippet from Extinction Radio.  To be expedicious, simply reproduce the video rendition:

Xnotes: 3 Century Drop Day // Jul 8, 2015

‘Excerpt from Episode #13 Paul Beckwith. Extinction Radio is a production of the Near Term Human Extinction Support Group on Facebook. www.extinctionradio.com


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