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Truth and Consequences

Updating the Climate Science: Truth and Consequences: 1 of 3 // Jul 17, 2020 Dr James E. Hansen is one of my climate heroes. He tried to tell the world about the grave threat of climate change by testifying to … Continue reading

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Climate Dude Rant About Pink Haired Guy – Let Them Eat Cricket Cake

Rant Time by a Climate Dude about a Guy with Pink Hair // Published on Mar 22, 2018 I’ve been long overdue for a rant, but due to the late hour of filming while walking home on nearly deserted streets, … Continue reading

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Matter of Life or Death, Climate Change

Climate Change: A Matter of Life or Death; Part 1 of 2 // Published on Jan 1, 2017 Sometimes, a field is dominated by a single man or women, who stands head-and-shoulders above everybody else. In chess, that person in … Continue reading

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Fort McMurray Podcast Trifecta

The ever most consummate Nick, at ReliefAnalysis.com continues his epic and so very well crafted series, today with ‘Exponential Interdependencies: Climate Change, International Security, and DMHA‘: ‘This podcast also features a debuts a new segment called, “Situational Awareness,” in which Paul Beckwith … Continue reading

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Chat on our ABRUPT Climate Change EMERGENCY

Chat on our ABRUPT Climate Change EMERGENCY // Published on Mar 26, 2016 Humanity is NOW, TODAY in an abrupt climate change EMERGENCY. This is what science tells us. When the public, policy makers and politicians around the planet recognize this … Continue reading

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Climate YODA James Hansen Gold Q&A in Paris

Climate YODA James Hansen Gold Q&A in Paris // Published on Jan 12, 2016 At COP21 in Paris on December 2nd, 2015 I filmed legendary climate change GURU James Hansen answering questions on the climate system, his recent presentations and … Continue reading

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This Changes Everything: Ottawa Environmentalist Applaud Paris Climate Pact

‘Paul Beckwith, an Ottawa climate change researcher, snapped this shot with Environment Minister Catherine McKenna and Jane McDonald (left), his sister-in-law and McKenna’s advisor, after the agreement was signed. (Submitted by Paul Beckwith)’ Paris climate pact ‘changes everything,’ say Ottawa … Continue reading

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Proof and Evidence

Here next to the man at the top of the ‪climate change‬ pecking order in my books:  James Hansen. And Stuart Scott with us!  Quite a shot [dk:  seems like this is right out of  The Matrix, and Paul has … Continue reading

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