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My Condolences to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

‘We have a crisis today on the largest ecological system on earth.  The Great Barrier Reef is under extreme stress, from very, very warm water, which has bleached vast areas of the coral.  First, by way of background, the size, … Continue reading

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Healthcare System Has Serious Skin in the Game with Climate

  Relief Analysis recently published yet another outstanding podcast, titled ‘Episode 3: Rick Gannotta Interview – Curating Healthcare in a Rapidly Changing World‘.  I am mentioned prominently and referenced there (get to that in a moment) [1]. But first please take note … Continue reading

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Reminder: Live With Jennifer and Guy Today

Friendly reminder, Paul is joining in live, with Jennifer Hynes at her Methane Emergency meeting today, who was invited by Kevin Hester to join him in Auckland Saturday at 7 pm EST, 4 pm PST, midnight London.   And the … Continue reading

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May The Force Be With You

After much success, Paul is flying back home tonight/today.  He has had many great catches on his Facebook and twitter, and till he gets back and gets to share more about Paris and Norway, we share some of his best ones … Continue reading

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