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Arctic Blue Ocean Event Consequences: Air and Ocean Circulation Changes

  Arctic Blue Ocean Event Consequences: Air and Ocean Circulation Changes //  Jul 28, 2018 It is becoming common knowledge that we are rapidly heading to complete loss of Arctic sea-ice.  Without a course reversal, one eventually gets where one is … Continue reading

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Arctic Sea Ice Regrowth Is Eff’d This Year, Parts 1 and 2

Arctic sea ice regrowth is eff’d this year; in fact is truly horrible. As the ice extent, defined as regions with at least 15% ice tries to expand via sea water freezing; it is melted out by extremely high sea … Continue reading

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Nice Accolade, In the Press, and New Videos

Several additional new videos, and a nice and a wonderful accolade, shared by Bob Schmidt, of Tampa, Florida: ‘My fellow Americans, Memorial Day approaches when we honor those that have defended our country, our principles, our interests to the ultimate … Continue reading

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