Stuff You Like and Share


Resources!  Taken.  Used.  Offered.  Assembled.  Compiled.  Watched.  Given.  Resources!

I like to share a lot.  Yet no matter how much I might put out on twitter and Facebook, or even here, I have listed the books I am reading or particularly like.

Similarly with the good work of others, notably in videos.

There is an excellent compilation of links, and you can bet I will be updating this.  Serious work has already been done on this, even recently, but wish to polish it.  Stay posted.  Dated 2013 but still a great list.  Valuable up and coming!

Then a list of those who accept Climate Change as real.

Then Movies, Movies, Movies.  I so love them.  Enjoy!
———- ———-

Make a Donation Button

And for some odd reason, all this vast work, is bookmarked, right next to it, with a Donation button–goes to PayPal.  For right now, all funds are put to work here.  This site is a real effort and is materially supported with skill, attention.  Then my books, my travel.  You can be sure I am not golfing or doing fine dining.


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