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Methane Venting Over Arctic Sea Ice — OSFAS Lecture, WBAI Live

Methane Venting Into Air Over Arctic Sea Ice // Published on Apr 27, 2018 Humanity, we have a problem.  We are venting methane into the Arctic. Why?  How much?  How fast? What does it mean for abrupt climate change? What does it mean for … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Guy, Paul Beckwith, and Martin Halliwell

A Conversation with Guy, Paul Beckwith, and Martin Halliwell // Published on Nov 13, 2017. Professor Emeritus Dr. Guy McPherson and Paul met up with Martin Halliwell in Waterloo, Ontario for a friendly discussion. While Guy and Paul had previously … Continue reading

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Reminder: Live With Jennifer and Guy Today

Friendly reminder, Paul is joining in live, with Jennifer Hynes at her Methane Emergency meeting today, who was invited by Kevin Hester to join him in Auckland Saturday at 7 pm EST, 4 pm PST, midnight London.   And the … Continue reading

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Abrupt Change: Ecological and Economic

Topic Abrupt Change:  Ecological and Economic Change.  As Stuart Scott frames it, a ‘flood of changes’.  He asks, ‘why did you come to the COP21?‘  Here I am also with Baba Brinkman [1]. Click here, for the full replay:  UNFCCC Webcast. … Continue reading

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James Hansen Talks Climate Change at COP21

Three videos of great Q/A after James Hansen’s riveting talk on climate change threats at COP21, my first day in Paris. Needless to say, he was surrounded by people with great questions afterwards [1]. I told him that I have … Continue reading

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