Dahr and Paul Talk Climate

Confronting the Climate Catastrophe

Conversations with Paul Beckwith and Dahr Jamail.  Research News Hour Episode 87

LISTEN TO THE SHOW, Length: (59:30): Click here to replay.  Starts about 12:10 minutes in.

‘“The Arctic is rapidly heading for meltdown. As snow and sea ice retreat, exposing land and sea with lower albedo (i.e. less reflectiveness), more solar energy is absorbed, thus leading to further melting and retreat in a vicious cycle. This cycle has been self-sustaining for many years – we are well past the tipping point. There is no sign of any natural process to break the cycle.” -Statement from the Arctic Methane Emergency Group, December 4, 2014

“There’s well documented reports out on where 350.org gets its funding and, you know, Bill McKibbon and his ties with the mainstream Democratic Party, and you can look at Naomi Klein and who she writes for and who they’re funded by, and I’m talking about The Nation magazine….their perspective is always tempered… They’re always afraid to go too far out and put out really radical information…because they’re essentially by and large another arm of the Democratic Party and have deep ties to ‘em.” -Dahr Jamail’.

[Investigative journalist and author] ‘Dahr Jamail follows Beckwith. Having established indymedia street creds a decade ago for his unembedded reporting on the US occupation of Iraq, Jamail addresses the inability of mainstream voices, including environmental groups, to fully cope with what the science is saying about the Climate threat. In this interview, Jamail also puts forward his impressions of the hazards of geo-engineering, and his top of mind concerns as the human race enters a new year.’



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