Images, Paul


The Paul-Matthew image is in the Reuters image library. Since it was taken at the Evidence for Democracy rally in summer/2013 it has appeared at least a dozen times in papers across Canada, the latest within the last month when it appeared on the second page of a Saturday Toronto Star. Whenever there is an article on muzzling scientists in Canada, or the PSAC (Public Service of Canada) employees this image is dragged up. With the new Justin Trudeau government, the muzzling of scientists that has occurred for most of the last 9 years in Canada had been halted. This was announced just today (November 7th, 2015). Thus, no more reason to show this image…



Me in high school. Look at that computer. I ate lots of burnt toast and that is why my hair was so curly…


Reminds me of a time……. Do you remember stuff like this?


Photo called present is actually a still from my Sierra Club video back in 2007.  I used this image as my twitter and facebook face for many years, and just replaced it at my web gurus/coaches request!


fb nmighmiki

I still teach chess each week.  Once a chess player, always a chess player.

gjghjhjhjjhjv n hjnh m

Me waterskiing.  Unknown date!  I loved the outdoors then, love it now.  Particularly enjoy water.

Various 012

Still bristling with energy, new ideas, plans, activities, enthusiasm, ‘Ambassador for the earth’, they say.



4 Responses to Images, Paul

  1. i love the depth and breadth of your site


  2. ann says:

    hello Mr. Beckwith,
    I would like to ask you some questions to learn a bit more about climate change.
    Would it be possible to E-mail you? 🙂
    Thank you in advance!
    Kindest Regards Ann


  3. G. Holman says:

    You do aim to please! On target as usual.


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