Bubble, Bubble, GigaTons of Methane Trouble

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Bubble, Bubble. GigaTons of Methane Trouble // Published on Jun 28, 2017

Vast amounts of methane exists within ocean floor sediments on the Eastern Siberian Arctic Shelf, in the form of methane hydrates & free methane gas.


Up to recently, gas release to the shallow water column (50 meters deep) and atmosphere has been slow, with the subsea permafrost acting as a million corks on a million champagne bottles to contain the methane.


Now, rapid thawing of the permafrost has released 10% of the corks, allowing rapid ongoing increases in methane release.

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Good Morning Earthlings. Wake Up and Smell the METHANE // Published on Jun 28, 2017

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Thawing Open Pandora’s Methane Box // Published on Jun 28, 2017

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Weather Wilding, Weirding & Whiplashing in the Climate Casino

Weather Wilding, Weirding & Whiplashing // Published on Jun 25, 2017

Our world has changed. Weather jumps from one extreme, like fire-hosing deluges with floods, to droughts, & then back again in months or years. What you get depends on where you are relative to crests & troughs of the jet streams. A 1-in-100 year flood can be every 10 years now.

Most of the public, decision makers & governments just don’t get it. They rely on models, & forget to look out the window. Everything happens “faster than expected”, thus clearly peoples expectations on rates of climate change must urgently change. Welcome to the Climate Casino…
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Changing Climate Chats

Water Weirding: Too Much or None at all // Published on Jun 21, 2017

Water is vital for life. Water cycling from solid to liquid to vapour (gas) on Earth is changing with abrupt climate disruption. Phenomena like atmospheric rivers and water fingers are bringing more water and heat to higher latitudes. Gear-like patterns in the jet stream can firehose water from the ocean to land, creating intense long-duration rains and thus floods.

I chat about these things and much more; grab an ice water and let me tell you this water story.

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Arctic Methane & Jet Stream Disruption // Published on Jun 19, 2017

Many people use natural gas to heat their homes, without realizing that it is primarily composed of methane — CH4.  Methane levels in the Arctic are much higher than elsewhere on our planet, and are rapidly rising. I discuss where it comes from (sources); how it is removed from the atmosphere (sinks), and how it varies with latitude. As the Arctic continues to warm, the levels are rapidly rising, with greatly increased risks.

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A video with scintillating Sandra Schoelles (dk):  ‘Interview with Paul Beckwith-Climate Systems Scientist, from Environmental Coffee House, shared through Facebook. Paul has been working on calculations regarding the Arctic Sea Ice, and the weather patterns in regards to Abrupt Climate Change. Please join us with questions on this most important topic.’

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What’s Not To Like? Extinction Radio, Vanishing Sea Ice, EcoShock

Here is Paul’s recent ‘Interview with Paul Beckwith‘ on Extinction Radio.  This is in Part Two, starts at 5:20, and is about 1:14 long.  Mike is an incredible interviewer, who has ardently sustained his keen vision in continuing to produce and furnish the show.  This is from June 14th.  Paul discussed the quickly imminent ‘Blue Ocean Event’ and its certain stressors on habitat, society, economics.
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Vanishing Arctic Sea-Ice: Expect the Unexpected… / Published on Jun 14, 2017

By 2020 or earlier (maybe this year) humanity will experience our first Blue-Ocean event. Next to NO sea-ice cover on the vast Arctic Ocean in September. Within a few years NO ice in Aug/Sept/Oct; extended to July & Nov within a few more years. NO ice year round within a decade.

As fast as sea-ice decline is (12%/decade), snow cover in spring is about twice as fast.
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Photo by Nick Breeze.  Envisionsation here.

When Do You Call It A Climate Emergency?
PAUL BECKWITH ON PLANETARY CLIMATE STRESS POINTS, Posted on June 15, 2017, by Radio Ecoshock.  Alex is and always has been, same as Mike above, a favorite interviewer.

Terrorism, elections and Trump – does anyone remember the real narrative of this century? You know, the minor detail that a shift in climate will disrupt everything and everyone?

‘Let’s talk about some of the disturbing signs from around the world that suggest the big change is already underway. We are joined by our regular Radio Ecoshock guest Paul H. Beckwith. Paul teaches climate science at the University of Ottawa and lectures at Carleton University as well.

‘Incredible heat records, Biblical downpours not reported. Canadian climate scientist Paul Beckwith & Alex get it on the record.

‘With his hundreds of climate tutorials on You tube and many media interviews, Paul is definitely an out-there scientist. He tells us why he just went storm-chasing in the United States, in Tornado Alley. I’ve noticed a LOT of storm news every night on the major networks. It’s just a regular feature now on tornadoes, floods, big hail – the works. It this the new normal?

Bangladesh has just come through another major Typhoon. It’s not that unusual, but they do keep coming. But the U.S. East Coast has almost forgotten big hurricanes in the last couple of years. Is the science settled on whether we will see more storms, or more violent storms, as the world climate heats up? Paul gives us an update on that.’
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Taylor and Gibbs: A big step forward for Canada’s federal scientists, article continues in full at link.  That’s Paul on the left in the photo:

‘Since the election of Donald Trump, Canada has been distancing itself from U.S. policies on everything from immigration to human rights to science.

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland gave a hard-hitting speech last Tuesday asserting that Canada will step up to lead on the world’s stage, and a part of that leadership needs to be progress on science.’

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Arctic Sea-Ice Refrigerator Death Rattle, 1750 to Paris 2 Degree Rise

Arctic Sea-Ice Refrigerator’s Death Rattle // Published on Jun 12, 2017

Arctic Ocean sea-ice cover is quickly vanishing. Each summer, there is less-and-less ice surviving the previous year, and what remains is slushy, & honeycombed with salt-water pockets. Ice loss is faster than exponential, namely super-exponential. Blink & the ice will all be gone, very likely by 2020 or earlier.

Then what? Zero ice all summer within a few more years. A few more years then no ice year-round. How will we withstand weather wilding, weirding & whiplashing? Rain storms lasting for months? Climate Casino Chaos?
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Vital Info: Paris 2 Degree Rise Relates to 1750 // Published on Jun 10, 2017

In 2015 and 2016 atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide spiked upward by record amounts. How was this possible, given claims that global human emissions flattened out?
Does it really mean that forests and oceans are absorbing less carbon?

The Paris Accord “safe temperature level of 2 degrees C (hope 1.5)” is relative to a start year of 1750 (pre-industrial). Please remember this; it is VERY important!!

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Join-the-Dots on Rapid Climate Change, How It Impacts You

How Rapid Climate Change Impacts Your Life Today // Published on Jun 9, 2017

Have you wondered how/if rapid/abrupt global climate change is impacting you personally, your work & your employers projects, your leisure & your lifestyle?

In a series of videos, I discuss the very latest science on rapid changes in our global climate system. I then drill down to examine local climates, and impacts on Any Project in Anywhere (where you live, for example, and that new infrastructure project being build near your home).
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Join-the-Dots on Global Climate Change // Published on Jun 9, 2017

Suppose your company is building a new transmission line, or building, or Any Project. We cannot do what we have always done. Our planet has changed.

Rapid Climate Change, today, impacts all that we do. I challenge you to put on your thinking cap as I guide you to Join-the-Dots.

Come explore with me how planetary, large-scale changes demand that you buckle up and become more resilient in everything you do.

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Extinction Radio May 31st – Peter Wadhams, Paul Beckwith, Carolyn Baker

Here is Paul’s recent Interview:  Extinction Radio Episode 73, 31st May 2017Peter Wadhams, Paul Beckwith, Carolyn Baker, Dean Spillane Walker, Lisa White.

This is in Part Two, starts at 0:00 and goes to 1:08:05.

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