How Climate Change has Turbo-Charged Hurricane Matthew

Amazing video, from the weather channel, ‘Why Hurricane Categories Make a Difference‘, linked here.



How Climate Change Amplified Hurricane Matthew // Published on Oct 6, 2016

I discuss how Hurricane Matthew is a much worse storm because of our rapid climate changed system.


Higher sea-surface and sub-surface water temperatures, rapid sea-level rise along the east coast of North America, from hot water expansion, glacial melt and Gulf Stream slowing, and larger storm surges from more powerful and larger storms are all worsened by climate change.

Matthews path is worse case, apart from a Cat 5 on a similar path hitting Florida lower, to trash Miami as well.
———- ———-

Remember when Hurricane Sandy did that incredibly crazy left turn and hit New York at the end of October, 2012. And now, in early October, 2016 Hurricane Matthew is buzz-sawing the Florida coastline.

Hmm…do 2012 and 2016 have something in common? Why yes. Mid-September of 2012 had record low Arctic sea ice, and this year it was second lowest.

No surprise to me. Rapidly darkening Arctic and temperature amplification is juicing up extremes of weather and climate around the planet.

14627847_1385138294848071_1102549502_n      14610816_1385138588181375_910516866_n

12:48 am                                                                 3:27 pm

14625315_1385138438181390_2136020404_n      14610579_1385138344848066_517302946_n

4:41 pm                                                                  10:54 pm

I show screen captures on my iPhone from the great app called RadarScope, as Hurricane Matthew approaches Florida and moves up the coastline on October 7, 2015. Times of image are on each image.

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Feature Interview, at Extinction Radio


Feature interview with Mike Ferrigan, on Extinction Radio:  Paul Beckwith, Wednesday 05 October, 2015.  Link to website with prior episodes and profiles is here.

By all means, please listen to all of the show, but if short on time, starts at 7:41 and goes to 41:02–or about 33:21 long.  If you do get to hear all of it, the show by the way also includes a significant segment with the esteemed Peter Wadhams, following this slot.

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Vindication of My Viral Video: “Unprecedented, Jet Stream Crosses Equator”



Jet Streams Smash Equatorial Wind Cycle // Published on Sep 21, 2016

On June 28, 2016 my viral video on the jet streams crossing the equator was released, generating immediate controversy and attacks.

586876877878      fggjhujhyjuyhujhuj

This was followed by the video, More Evidence On Equatorial Crossing Jet Streams.

My claims are now supported by a peer reviewed paper showing that the stable 28 month cycle of equatorial stratospheric wind reversal (QBO–Quasi-biennial oscillation) has been disrupted in an unprecedented fashion (first time in 60 years) by jet streams crossing the equator.


Links to Earth Null School, for your convenience, here.  Robert Scribbler’s recent post, ‘Giant Gravity Waves Smashed Key Atmospheric Clock During Winter of 2016 — Possible Climate Change Link‘, here.


Yellow indicates ‘eastward waves’ (same as westerly, from the west). article, ‘Unprecedented atmospheric behavior disrupts one of Earth’s most regular climate cycles‘.

Accelerating climate mayhem necessitates global declaration of a climate emergency.



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Death by 1,000 Cuts: Epic Interview, Extreme Changes Not Seen in Time of Humans


images-duckduckgo    gihtuihtyityiiyi

Paul is again a feature guest on Alex Smith’s Radio Ecoshock, ‘Extreme Climate News & Science‘ (dk).  This is a wide ranging hour long interview:

As Alex introduces Paul, ‘It’s been summer in the Northern Hemisphere, when viewers and journalists drift into platitudes and cat videos. Meanwhile the planet is going through extreme changes, not seen during the time of humans.We’re going to spend this program going through the science that should have been foot-high headlines around the world. Plus some small signals of big things to come‘.

You can also click here, if your system does not allow SoundCloud.
———- ———-

After discussing rapid climate change in context, Paul tells more of the story of his viral video and the ensuing Washington Post article and follow up including rebuttal and responses.

He then goes on to discuss the three major factors affecting our earth:  raise in land and ocean temperature, extreme rate of melting of ice caps and draining into oceans, and statistics of the skyrocketing extreme weather events in severity, frequency, and intensity.

He then goes on to further discuss the need to replace Arctic sea ice, which is trending down very rapidly.  This includes Pauls classic scientific illustration, of the amount of energy needed to melt one kilogram of ice, being equivalent to the amount of energy to raise the resulting 1 kilogram of meltwater to 80 degrees celsius.  He then discusses the role of the decline of snow cover, in reflecting radiation.

586876877878          giggihihi

He then explicates abrupt loss of sanity, the death by 1,000 cuts we witness day after day now, and climate change deniers.  He concludes by discussing his unique perspective, as a long term professional educator, as to the views of the young, and the need to connect the dots.  Paul’s points towards a tipping point in human behavior.  Mentions of Peter Wadhams new book, A Farewell To Ice, and closes with role of Jevons Paradox.

———- ———-

And, for good measure, one of Paul’s recent videos, incase you had not already seen it.

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Beckwith Tries to Save Arctic Sea Ice


Beckwith tries to save Arctic sea-ice.


Sorry Folks, Arctic Sea-Ice On Last Legs // Published on Sep 8, 2016

Arctic Sea Ice has been pulverized, hacked to pieces, smashed to smithereens; you can use whatever phrase you want.  See immediate image below



The Arctic blast furnace.

With a week or two left in the 2016 melt season, and another storm in the long range forecast, all bets are off.

I discuss extent, area, thickness, volume, surrounding sea and air temperature, trends and what it means to us, lower-latitude mortals. Not a pretty picture; expand extreme weather events around the globe to notch up in frequency, severity and duration.


Ice minimums in record years 2012 and 2007. Now, 2016 had smoked 2007 and pushes towards 2012.
———- ———-

As many of you know, Extinction Radio is thankfully back.  Michael Ferrigan and Susan Livingston are doing a really good job, continuing what Gene, Peter and Ivey did and which the prior of course founded and now returned to the helm.  Its great that they are having Paul back (dk).

In addition to our esteemed friend and colleague Jennifer Hynes being the featured guest this week, as well as a regular guest in her new regular Climate Rodeo Roundup, Paul has a nice short(see link below).

Just so you know, she also discussed Peter Wadams recent dismissal from Cambridge, according to excuse of age, it was said.  Please do your own due diligence and be aware.  Stated as report, not final truth.  But where there is smoke there is fire.  If this is indeed true, its most alarming.

Back to Paul.  The ENTIRE show is really worth a real listen (and by all means listen to all of it), but those in a hurry can hear him (Paul!) explicate the planet weather, very ‘top down’, in just a few minutes, by going to the 45:50 mark:   ‘Paul Beckwith – The Situation in Greenland‘, about 6:13 long.  As Mike aptly says, its not as if Paul just has SOME lecturing experience or is new at this!

In five minutes he totally kicks it.
———- ———-

As Paul says, ‘There is almost no funding for big-picture thinking like me; lots for specialists. Opposite to what world needs to understand climate system emergency’.  Then ‘I rely on you, my viewers to support my videos.
Please chip in a few bucks’ at the easy to use Donate feature, here.  paypal-donation-button


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Rap Guide to Climate Chaos


I first met Baba Brinkman in Lima, Peru at the COP20.  In Paris, at COP21 we reconnected and I arranged to have him be part of one of my press conferences, in which he did the Laudato Si rap, which was awesome–loyal and/or long time followers will definitely remember it:  ‘Rap Music and Moral Obligation On Climate Matters.

His new album is set to be released September 30th, and he making a pre-release page with four preview tracks available for public streaming at, The Rap Guide to Climate Chaos, by Baba Brinkman (dk:  Really, really outstanding.  Just REALLY good).

His ‘latest album is now finished, after a marathon seven-month recording and revising process … the results are as epic as the subject’ which ‘the album explores…The Rap Guide to Climate Chaos takes you on an auditory journey through the science, politics, and economics of global warming, looking at it through the eyes of researchers, climate deniers, activists, the Pope, and many perspectives in between’  His ‘goal with this album’ was ‘to alert people to the scale and urgency of the challenge, and also to create a sense of optimism around what we can still do to remedy things’.
———- ———-


Paul is again on Extinction Radio in their second of their newly reinstated series, included with today’s episode featuring Derrick Jensen.  His interview resumes with Mike Ferrigan in his sustained role as a ‘Regular Contributor‘ and thus promises to continue.

‘Conversation with Paul Beckwith’, starts at 1:42:26 mark (102:26), by clicking here.  About 14:09 long.  BTW, our very good friend Peter Melton is also amply featured at the 47:35 mark (about 27:33 long). [dk]

———- ———-

My latest video, ‘Abruptly Shifting Sands of Climate Change’ // Published on Aug 23, 2016

As I trudged across the massive sand dunes in Jockey’s Ridge Park in the Outer Banks, North Carolina, just south of famous Kitty Hawk (location of the first flight) at Kill Devils Hill I thought that I may as well rant on abrupt climate change.

If my verbal tirade is somewhat disjointed and incoherent,then please forgive me. Perhaps it can be attributed to overexposure to sun, wind, heat and sandblasting?
———- ———-

14088773_1345461448815756_304464568_n      14081404_1343944208967480_1691591560_n.jpg

Putting the SUN to bed just south of Avon in The Outer Banks, South Carolina. It was too hot to hold in one hand, so I tried a basketball hold and it got away from me. A special thanks goes to my brilliantly talented photographer Edward…

Along side, another angle on the spectacular sunset.

14101963_1345463232148911_765322056_n      14081043_1344225115606056_1984317410_n

On the day before WWII ended, a German U-Boat was sunk just off The Outer Banks, North Carolina. This photo shows the salvaged hatch from the sunken sub.

Time to recharge, reflect on the massive shifting sands of time.


Confession. I took this (last) sunset photo exactly one year ago.  All others quite recent.

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One Day, My Son, This Will All Be Underwater


One Day, My Son, This Will All Be Underwater // Published on Aug 23, 2016

The last time the Earth was this warm, global sea levels were 6 to 9 meters (20 to 30 feet) higher.

In Earth history, sea level has varied from about 120 meters (400 feet) lower to about 70 meters (240 feet) higher.

If Greenland and Antarctica ice cap melt rates continue to double every 7 years or so (exponentially) then I calculate that we will see 7 meters (24 feet) of rise by 2070.

Surely, we must not less this happen. We must apply the three-legged stool to prevent this, and stabilize our climate.

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