Societal Dumbing Down of IQ, Collapse Risk From Solar Storm

The Dumbing Down of Society: Possible Reasons for the Global Reduction in IQ (Intelligence Quotient)

Jul 29, 2022

From about 1900 to 1975 there was an increase in the IQ (Intelligence Quotient) of people of roughly 3 IQ points per decade. Measured in many different countries across the various population demographics, this apparently significant gain in human intelligence was known as Flynn’s Law.

There was a reversal of this trend around 1975. A peer reviewed study from Norway, published just a few years ago, shows that people’s average IQ is dropping about 7 points per generation now. If we assume a generation is about 25 years, the present drop rate is roughly the same magnitude as the previous gain rate up to 1975, a sharp reversal of Flynn’s Law.

I chat about the suspected reasons for this according to the intelligence experts, including a negative effect from particulate air pollution. I propose that the actual cause may be due to CO2 levels in the atmosphere rising from a level of 320 ppm to 420 ppm over the last 4 to 5 decades.

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On the Extremely High Risk of Societal Collapse from Solar Storm Coronal Mass Ejection

Jul 25, 2022

We worry about societal collapse from Abrupt Climate System Change Mayhem that is accelerating in magnitude and frequency, and yet we tend to overlook other risks.

In 1859 an enormous Solar Storm erupted from a sunspot, causing a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) that hit the Earth. Fortunately at that time, there was not a lot of electronics on the Earth to fry. If that same event happened today, it would likely knock out most of our electronic systems, including power grids, transportation infrastructure, the vast global internet, water and sewage systems, and everything else relying on electricity.

We had a near miss in 2012, when the Sun produced such a high magnitude event, but fortunately it missed the Earth by a mere 9 days. An extremely close call, that did not wake us up to the huge risks. The most recent peer-reviewed science forecasts that such an event could occur and strike Earth with a probability of up to 12% per decade.

This risk is much higher than you likely thought, even if you were aware of the nature of these Solar Storm CME events. Why do I produce a video on this topic now?

1) A software update by a communications company in Canada glitched and knocked out internet for a day for millions of Canadians, and some unlucky people had no internet for up to 4 days. This prompted mainstream media articles on system vulnerabilities.
2) A recent Solar Storm occurred about a week ago.
3) The risk of a catastrophic event is as high as 12% per decade.
4) In 2012 we (the Earth) had a close shave, missing catastrophic damage by 9 days.
5) Solar activity is increasing, so the risks of a catastrophic event are increasing over the next few decades.
6) Ice core records indicate that over the last 150 years we have had 42 events, of which 6 were major.

Ref: A major solar Storm Can Strike Earth. We Need to Be Ready, Breyers, July 14, 2022
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Ref3: Carrington Event. The Carrington Event: History’s Greatest Solar Storm, May & Dobrijevic, May 20, 2022
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