May 22, 2016, at Donate, Bob Schmidt said:

‘My fellow Americans,

Memorial Day approaches when we honor those that have defended our country, our principles, our interests to the ultimate limit, their very lives.

Here, we have a man attempting to defend our entire planet. He is reaching out in every way he can find, to ensure the survival of as much life as possible upon the most precious jewel we have ever encountered, planet EARTH. Please take a brief moment and support his efforts upon our behalf.

Sixty-four years old, not sure when I might be able to retire, I have sent Paul $50/USA to continue his valiant efforts. Before you send another $50 to Donald or Hillary or Bernie, please consider sending $50 to Paul to continue fighting for ALL of us. This is a battle we cannot afford to lose.

Bob Schmidt, Tampa, Florida

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Mon 16 May, 2016

The following comment is shared with permission of Steve Wood.  It is from my recent YouTube video on Alberta.  This is one of sixty comments, just in the last day:

Paul you’re a god damn hero in a world full of fake, selfishly ignorant cowards who delude themselves into thinking that modern lifestyles based off of carbon energy are sustainable. People squabble and quip about things like transgender bathrooms when we have this incredible world changing climate emergency occurring… it sickens me every day. I’ll be donating on your website on a monthly basis‘.