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My last Six Paris videos, Tweeting Sharks and Shrunken Brains

Here are the last of the videos that I filmed in Paris. The COP21 that I attended there just over a month ago seems to be a vague and distant memory; not just for me but for a planet steamrolling … Continue reading

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Ongoing Unravelling of our Climate System

Arctic Ocean Blowtorch Attacks Sea-Ice // Published on Jan 24, 2016 Our climate system has destabilized. Our fossil-fueled emissions have changed the chemistry of our atmosphere and our oceans, changing the heat balance between the equator and Arctic. This has … Continue reading

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Climate YODA James Hansen Gold Q&A in Paris

Climate YODA James Hansen Gold Q&A in Paris // Published on Jan 12, 2016 At COP21 in Paris on December 2nd, 2015 I filmed legendary climate change GURU James Hansen answering questions on the climate system, his recent presentations and … Continue reading

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Earth Climate System Science, Great Podcast

Similar to a few days ago, just click Recent Videos here where we continue to share my latest.  We will post a third time Friday and have a special treat in store for that one. ———- ———- And here is a replay, of … Continue reading

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To The Edge We Go – New Videos

We added new Recent Videos, here.  I have like eighteen new videos–mostly filmed in Europe. Not ten, not fifteen, but exactly eighteen for those of you who were maybe missing out, is quite well remedied again.  Hope you like them in … Continue reading

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COP21 Deal Cannot Prevent Devastating Climate Change, Academics warn

A serious, hard hitting article from The Independent, which I am materially mentioned in: COP21: Paris deal far too weak to prevent devastating climate change, academics warn.  It begins (here is a clip, please click link for entire article.  Our Letter … Continue reading

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Podcasts, Paris Climate Vs. Real Future, Extinction Radio, Letter on Flood

My interview with the fantastically good Alex Smith, was published here, on Dec 6th, 2015, but is now fortunately available in Podcast, at his site and SoundCloud, as distinct from link only.  Duly shared again in convenient form.  Thank you … Continue reading

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Current Class, Syllabus and Outline

My new Syllabus and Outline was just posted.  You can view it, download it, or see it on the cloud.  I am excited and eager to be back.  So far, there are 70+ persons who have enrolled and it is not … Continue reading

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Starting 2016 With a Real Bang

     Above image from, ‘9 Maps That Show How Completely Bizarre Your Christmas Eve Weather‘ Was. Of course the stuck jet stream is heading North North East and separates the cold dry air from the Arctic extending far southward … Continue reading

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