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Universities (Knowledge Factories) have Betrayed Reason and Humanity by Lacking All Wisdom

Universities (Knowledge Factories) have Betrayed Reason and Humanity by Lacking All Wisdom // Apr 28, 2021 I have often wondered how humanity, in our present day and age, can be facing total and utter catastrophe from abrupt climate system change, … Continue reading

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US Election 2020 Chaos and Existential Climate Chaos

On the Existential Risks of Abrupt Climate Change and a chat on Chomsky Election Thoughts // Oct 31, 2020 Hello Everybody, I agree completely with Chomsky on the following statements, and have said these things for years: “Definitely the worst one … Continue reading

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Greta: Catalyst Tipping Humanity to Finally Act, Tipping Humans to Understand Huge Risks?

Greta Thunberg the Catalyst that Tips Humanity to Understand Huge Climate Risks and Finally Act? // Sep 27, 2019 As I marched in today’s Climate Strike for in Ottawa along with thousands of people I had time to reflect on … Continue reading

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