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Climate Change Making Storms More Intense, Changing Jet Stream

How climate change is making storms more intense ‘Massive flooding in Windsor last year was a sign of climate change — but the science behind these ever-intensifying storms is more complex than it seems’ … The Ontario Educational Communications Authority … Continue reading

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Extinction Radio, Interview with Jennifer Hynes

Extinction Radio Episode 67, 8th March 2017 – Guy McPherson, Kevin Lister and Paul Beckwith. Paul’s segment, ‘Jennifer Hynes interviews Paul Beckwith‘:  page down to Part Three.  Starts at 0:00:00 to 0:55:41.  You can find more about famed climate generalist and methane … Continue reading

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Carbon Dioxide Removal From Atmosphere

Carbon Dioxide Removal Ideas // Published on Jan 27, 2017 Climate rates of change are abruptly spiralling upwards. Although we must slash fossil fuel emissions, that alone will not restore climate stability. Like the proverbial roadrunner charging over a precipice … Continue reading

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Interview On Extinction Radio, Following Gail Tverberg Feature

Extinction Radio was great to start.  And it was great when Gene Gibson, Ivy Cone, and Peter Melton stepped in.  And to the delight of us all, the show has been back up for several months, with show original founder Mike … Continue reading

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Cracks in the Big Picture, Radio Ecoshock Podcasts

It is always a great honor, for Paul to be on Alex Smith’s Radio Ecoshock.  And equally ALWAYS has been a definite ‘favorite’ of Paul’s–dk. Here is the link to: ‘Cracks in The Big Picture‘, on Radio Ecoshock.  About 59:59 … Continue reading

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Completely Misinformed on Climate! For Mayhem, Pick One: Trump, Fox, HRC?

Paul’s Podcast on Extinction Radio follows the Part One feature interview with esteemed writer Dahr Jamail for Extinction Radio Episode 58 2nd Nov 2016. This is also follow by ‘Jennifer Hynes in Conversation with Mike Ferrigan’, which is also very good.  Her … Continue reading

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Death by 1,000 Cuts: Epic Interview, Extreme Changes Not Seen in Time of Humans

       Paul is again a feature guest on Alex Smith’s Radio Ecoshock, ‘Extreme Climate News & Science‘ (dk).  This is a wide ranging hour long interview: As Alex introduces Paul, ‘It’s been summer in the Northern Hemisphere, when … Continue reading

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