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Climate Emergency in a New World Order with Paul Beckwith

Here is Paul’s interview with the ever astute and consummate Deb Ozarko, ‘warrior of truth, cultural revolutionary, status quo crusher, and passionate lover of life, here to welcome your bi-weekly dose of authentic expression‘, on The Unplugged Podcast 115. Podcast … Continue reading

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Fort McMurray’s 88,000 Climate Refugees, Climate Casino

Fort McMurray’s 80,000 Climate Refugees (now 88,000): Fort Mac Alberta Lucks Out In Climate Casino Don’t get me wrong. I empathize with the people from Fort McMurray.  Many lost their homes and memories.  I also empathize with the people of … Continue reading

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Proof and Evidence

Here next to the man at the top of the ‪climate change‬ pecking order in my books:  James Hansen. And Stuart Scott with us!  Quite a shot [dk:  seems like this is right out of  The Matrix, and Paul has … Continue reading

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Sealed Message in Time Capsule, To Be Read in 100 Years

My official sealed message in a time capsule at the University of Ottawa for people to read in 100 years… “Congratulations, since you are reading this message.  It means that rationality and science based thought and actions defeated ideology and … Continue reading

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