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Societal Dumbing Down of IQ, Collapse Risk From Solar Storm

The Dumbing Down of Society: Possible Reasons for the Global Reduction in IQ (Intelligence Quotient) Jul 29, 2022 From about 1900 to 1975 there was an increase in the IQ (Intelligence Quotient) of people of roughly 3 IQ points per … Continue reading

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Greenland Ice Sheet Vulnerable to Bone-Crushing Melt from Stronger More Frequent Atmospheric Rivers

Jul 14, 2022 About a year ago Greenland made worldwide jarring climate news as it rained for the first time ever on the summit at an elevation of almost 2 miles. This unprecedented rain event occurred during a very powerful … Continue reading

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Crossover of Military Attempts to “Predict the Future” on Climate Predictions; Perspective on Earth’s Energy Imbalance

Jul 10, 2022 Within the Pentagon and US Department of Defence Agencies, there is an ongoing quest to automate conflict, militarize data, and predict the future. A new book (2022) called “War Virtually” by Anthropologist Roberto J. Gonzalez delves into … Continue reading


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