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Uninhabitable Middle East From Climate, SeeMoreRocks Podcast

Article on, ‘Parts of the Middle East Will Soon Become Uninhabitable From Climate Change‘, followed by nice a pair of podcasts on SeeMoreRocks, with Robbin Westenra on SoundCloud: This past summer water temperatures in the region were 33 degrees Celsius. When they … Continue reading

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Extinction Radio, Episode 31

Extinction Radio, Podcast // Episode 31 10-25-2015. Starts at 1:03:10 This week, Ivey Cone of Fuki Cafe [1] interviewed me, for my weekly chat with Extinction Radio, for their ‘All Things Climate’ feature. Relationship of warm air in Pacific and cold blob in North … Continue reading

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Extinction Radio, Episode 30

Extinction Radio, Podcast // Episode 30 10-18-2015. Starts at 38:50 There is something about Extinction Radio that somehow manages to often get the best out of me. This applies to Mike Ferrigan and Peter Melton both. I am AGAIN interviewed by … Continue reading

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Permafrost Warming, Collapsing Antarctic Ice, September Oceans

This seemed an important recognition and acknowledgement.  Of course, I cannot share all the news here, nor should I, but I am trying to–periodically–rotate and put the best of the best here focused from my twitter, Facebook, and special friends … Continue reading

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Ten Stories Media Ignored: Dahr Mentions Paul and Methane

Ten Big Stories News Media Ignored:  Some of the biggest news of the past year never went public.  Methane and arctic warming’s global impacts, article 6, at the above link.  Nice menton: ‘Dahr Jamail, writing for Truth-out, notes … A 2013 … Continue reading

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Canadian Election Results: Figures and CBC 3D View

Click here, for nice 0:34 video, ‘CBC News election night results in 3D‘ Elections Canada Data 2015 Registered electors: 25,638,379 Voted: 17,559,353 Percentage voted: 68.5% Record high (1993): 70.9% Percentage voted (2011): 61.1% Percentage voted (2008): 58.8% Party breakdown for … Continue reading

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Fired from Elections Canada Voting Day: Using A Washroom Without Permission

I was fired from Elections Canada voting day for using the washroom without permission? The gerrymandering is the word that readily springs to mind, but shenanigans is probably more apt: I am an engineer, physicist, and usually a climate scientist and part-time professor. … Continue reading

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Forecasts for Canadian Election 42

Quickly. Paul:  Now, I think the voters will abandon GPC, Bloc and even more in NDP to reach a final voting result (big assumption of fair election)… My forecast:  #LPC 50 #CPC 27 #NDP 18 #GPC 3 Bloc 2.  And … Continue reading

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Scientific Voices in the Wilderness Speaking Climate Change

Here is a fine note to Guy McPherson and I tonight, written by Dave Campbell at Facebook. This is really quite good.  Every parent loves to show photos of his or her children, but sometimes a child REALLY is truly exceptionally beautiful. … Continue reading

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