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Uninhabitable Middle East From Climate, SeeMoreRocks Podcast

Article on, ‘Parts of the Middle East Will Soon Become Uninhabitable From Climate Change‘, followed by nice a pair of podcasts on SeeMoreRocks, with Robbin Westenra on SoundCloud: This past summer water temperatures in the region were 33 degrees Celsius. When they … Continue reading

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Extinction Radio, Episode 31

Extinction Radio, Podcast // Episode 31 10-25-2015. Starts at 1:03:10 This week, Ivey Cone of Fuki Cafe [1] interviewed me, for my weekly chat with Extinction Radio, for their ‘All Things Climate’ feature. Relationship of warm air in Pacific and cold blob in North … Continue reading

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Extinction Radio, Episode 30

Extinction Radio, Podcast // Episode 30 10-18-2015. Starts at 38:50 There is something about Extinction Radio that somehow manages to often get the best out of me. This applies to Mike Ferrigan and Peter Melton both. I am AGAIN interviewed by … Continue reading

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Permafrost Warming, Collapsing Antarctic Ice, September Oceans

This seemed an important recognition and acknowledgement.  Of course, I cannot share all the news here, nor should I, but I am trying to–periodically–rotate and put the best of the best here focused from my twitter, Facebook, and special friends … Continue reading

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Ten Stories Media Ignored: Dahr Mentions Paul and Methane

Ten Big Stories News Media Ignored:  Some of the biggest news of the past year never went public.  Methane and arctic warming’s global impacts, article 6, at the above link.  Nice menton: ‘Dahr Jamail, writing for Truth-out, notes … A 2013 … Continue reading

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Canadian Election Results: Figures and CBC 3D View

Click here, for nice 0:34 video, ‘CBC News election night results in 3D‘ Elections Canada Data 2015 Registered electors: 25,638,379 Voted: 17,559,353 Percentage voted: 68.5% Record high (1993): 70.9% Percentage voted (2011): 61.1% Percentage voted (2008): 58.8% Party breakdown for … Continue reading

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Fired from Elections Canada Voting Day: Using A Washroom Without Permission

I was fired from Elections Canada voting day for using the washroom without permission? The gerrymandering is the word that readily springs to mind, but shenanigans is probably more apt: I am an engineer, physicist, and usually a climate scientist and part-time professor. … Continue reading

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Forecasts for Canadian Election 42

Quickly. Paul:  Now, I think the voters will abandon GPC, Bloc and even more in NDP to reach a final voting result (big assumption of fair election)… My forecast:  #LPC 50 #CPC 27 #NDP 18 #GPC 3 Bloc 2.  And … Continue reading

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Scientific Voices in the Wilderness Speaking Climate Change

Here is a fine note to Guy McPherson and I tonight, written by Dave Campbell at Facebook. This is really quite good.  Every parent loves to show photos of his or her children, but sometimes a child REALLY is truly exceptionally beautiful. … Continue reading

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China’s Pollution Has Reached Apocalyptic Levels

‘China is the most populous country on the planet, but also the most polluted. This video shows how bad China’s pollution problem has become’. It has reached apocalyptic levels. // Published on Feb 4, 2015 ‘9 out 10 cities in China … Continue reading

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Flash Flood, SR58 Cameron Canyon Road

I am not laughing.  Hope you are not.  Yet at the same time, this is a small taste of what is to come.  We cannot go one as we are.  Striking 2:41 video at link.  Get out of car to … Continue reading

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Movie: on Fermi’s Paradox, Climate Change, Capitalism, Collapse

Great documentary, ‘The Cross of the Moment‘, from Jacob Freydont-Attie. 1:24:11 long. h/t Robert Leasure at Facebook, Time to Kill?’  Thank you Robert. ‘Fermi’s Paradox, climate change, capitalism, and collapse are among the subjects discussed in this feature length documentary … Continue reading

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Paris, Paris. Paris!

It appears that my accreditation is being sponsored by a party in Paris as to helping to further my work.  Its good to be materially engaged by others, so that we can further spread this work and message.

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Say it once.  Say it twice.  But lots happening.  For friends and fans–I have been approached by a serious US based film maker, about being cast in a significant documentary on Abrupt or Rapid Climate Change.  We need to be … Continue reading

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Discuss Book with Naomi Klein

I did get to talk directly in person with Naomi Klein, author of the justly well regarded if not groundbreaking book, ‘The Shock Doctrine, The Rise of Disaster Capitalism‘, as to potentially collaborating on a book. Its early to say … Continue reading

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Abrupt Climate Change, From the Global to the Local, Public Lecture

Yikes.  No time for details.  But FYI, tonight I am lecturing on ‘Abrupt Climate Change, From the Global to the Local’  at my local community center.  Every bit helps.

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Climate Change, Renewable Energy Policy Event, Carleton University

Today and yesterday, October 1st and 2nd, there is a Climate Change and Renewable Energy Policy Event, at Carleton University, in Ontario if you are here or near here. ‘Join leading scholars and experts from across North America and Europe as … Continue reading

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700-Year-Old Skeletons Found Holding Hands

Never stop laughing (Paul): ‘For one medieval couple, “till death do us part” wasn’t nearly long enough. A team of archeologists excavating the Chapel of St. Morrell in England’s Leicestershire County recently discovered two skeletons buried with their arms entwined. … Continue reading

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