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Cracks in the Big Picture, Radio Ecoshock Podcasts

It is always a great honor, for Paul to be on Alex Smith’s Radio Ecoshock.  And equally ALWAYS has been a definite ‘favorite’ of Paul’s–dk. Here is the link to: ‘Cracks in The Big Picture‘, on Radio Ecoshock.  About 59:59 … Continue reading

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Climate Emergency in a New World Order with Paul Beckwith

Here is Paul’s interview with the ever astute and consummate Deb Ozarko, ‘warrior of truth, cultural revolutionary, status quo crusher, and passionate lover of life, here to welcome your bi-weekly dose of authentic expression‘, on The Unplugged Podcast 115. Podcast … Continue reading

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Our Climate Change Emergency & Three-Legged Bar-Stool Survival, Three Videos

I build a very strong scientific case showing that our climate system is spiraling out of control, threatening our very survival on Earth. I then discuss how government leaders around the planet must declare a climate change emergency. This would … Continue reading

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Rapid Climate Change and Impacts for Environmental Assessment, Six Videos

In this series of 6 videos I discuss how climate change has worsened greatly in 2016, and what we can expect in the next few years. I try to bring the wrenching global changes to the local level and give … Continue reading

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Arctic Sea Ice Regrowth Is Eff’d This Year, Parts 1 and 2

Arctic sea ice regrowth is eff’d this year; in fact is truly horrible. As the ice extent, defined as regions with at least 15% ice tries to expand via sea water freezing; it is melted out by extremely high sea … Continue reading

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Completely Misinformed on Climate! For Mayhem, Pick One: Trump, Fox, HRC?

Paul’s Podcast on Extinction Radio follows the Part One feature interview with esteemed writer Dahr Jamail for Extinction Radio Episode 58 2nd Nov 2016. This is also follow by ‘Jennifer Hynes in Conversation with Mike Ferrigan’, which is also very good.  Her … Continue reading

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