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Why Arctic Sea Ice Loss Will Cause Stronger More Frequent El Niño’s

10/29/022 Please donate here to support my research and videos on the cutting edge science of abrupt climate system change. If you prefer to directly support my press conference presentations and travel to the global COP27 climate conference in early … Continue reading

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Massive Methane Hydrate Destabilization in the Past with Profound Implications for Today’s Climate

Oct 22, 2022 In the last video from October 21st, (‘AMOC Slowdown causing Rapid Warming of Subsurface North Atlantic causing Rapid Loss of Greenland Ice‘) I chatted about how huge subsea warming occurred at 150 meters depth in the North … Continue reading

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How do Individuals and Society think about RISK

Oct 6, 2022 As individuals, and as a society, our track record on assessing risk and responding to reduce risk appropriately is dismal. There are numerous examples of this inadequacy, but one of the worst is our lack of understanding … Continue reading

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Hurricanes Wreaking Havoc in our Climate Fuelled World

I’m back. My sabbatical to renovate my 111 year old house, relax, recharge my batteries, and fall in love with my puppy has reached its conclusion. The next five weeks will be extremely busy for me with new climate videos, … Continue reading

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