Greenland Ice Sheet Vulnerable to Bone-Crushing Melt from Stronger More Frequent Atmospheric Rivers

Jul 14, 2022

About a year ago Greenland made worldwide jarring climate news as it rained for the first time ever on the summit at an elevation of almost 2 miles.

This unprecedented rain event occurred during a very powerful atmospheric river (AR) event, that brought a tremendous amount of heat and moisture to the highest regions of the massive ice sheet. These ARs are happening more often with abrupt climate system change, and in previous videos I have discussed their physics, and their consequences, including the British Columbia flooding, and the ARs reaching Antarctica causing massive ice melt at the South Pole.

Most main-stream glaciologists and other scientists think that it will take many decades to centuries to get massive ice melt in Greenland and Antarctica.

I firmly believe that as the frequency, severity, and duration of Atmospheric River (ARs) that hit Greenland and Antarctica continue to increase, the melt rates of Greenland and Antarctica will spike abruptly upward, and raise sea levels in a highly nonlinear, abrupt fashion.

Ref: Greenland Ice Sheet Rainfall, Heat and Albedo Feedback Impacts From the Mid-August 2021 Atmospheric River,Jason E. Box,Adrien Wehrlé,Dirk van As,Robert S. Fausto,Kristian K. Kjeldsen,Armin Dachauer,Andreas P. Ahlstrøm,Ghislain Picard
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