Going, Going. Arctic Sea Ice Soon to be Gone

Arctic Sea Ice Status: Going. Going. Soon to be Gone // Sep 3, 2020

In this first of a new series of videos I chat about Arctic Sea Ice. We are approaching the yearly minimum, and it is a toss up as to whether or not we will set a new record, beating out 2012 or be a close second. A huge difference is that in 2012 we had solid ice remaining, whereas this year we only have an ocean of slush remaining, with thickness essentially 30 cm or so (one foot).

In this video series I will discuss in detail the recent peer reviewed scientific papers on how Atlantic Water (dense, warmer water a couple hundred of meters below the sea ice) has moved within 80 meters of the bottom of the sea ice in the Eastern Euro Basin, and will likely keep the ocean from freezing up there in the winter. The heat in their Atlantic Water is enough to completely melt out the entire Arctic Ocean ice three or four times over, if it eventually makes it near the surface over the entire basin.

Ref: Universitat Bremen, Nasa WorldView.
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1 Response to Going, Going. Arctic Sea Ice Soon to be Gone

  1. cactusneedle says:

    Its depressing to see the arctic ice decreasing more and more anhd I worry for the future. I really enjoyed your interview on Post-doom with Michael Dowd, it articulates how I and I think many other people feel about abrupt climate change. I am glad that at the end of the interview you were able to give some hopeful insights on how we can deal mentally and personally with all the things going on in the world and gives me some positivity, thank you for that. And thank you for all the science you are doing to dispel the delusions and denials of people.


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