My Condolences to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef


We have a crisis today on the largest ecological system on earth.  The Great Barrier Reef is under extreme stress, from very, very warm water, which has bleached vast areas of the coral.  First, by way of background, the size, in terms of area, of the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, is about that of the countries of Germany, or Japan, or Italy.  There’s over 3,000 reefs, 6,000 islands comprising the region, 1,625 types of fish, 133 types of sharks and rays, and 600 types of corals…

My Condolences to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef // Published on Apr 2, 2016

The Great Barrier Reef along the NE coastline of Australia is (soon to be was) the largest living ecosystem on Earth. It is dying, and it’s loss will be devastating for planet Earth, not to mention Australia. Not only was the 2300 km long reef teeming with life (biological hotspot), it protects coastlines from storms and is a World Heritage tourist magnet. Of 520 reefs aerially surveyed, 516 were white (bleached) and of these at least 50% will die. Loss to biodiversity is incalculable.
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dk:  Not that long ago, Paul was at 200k views, now at 284k, so he is headed to 800,000 by year end with reasonable projections for growth through new viewers/subscribers and continued appreciations by current viewers and readers.  He might not hit 1M views by year end, but its possible.  Quite an accomplishment, in messaging the earth as an engineering and scientific seer  with a good dose of educational chops.

84,000 viewers in two months after 163k for four years is impact.  Much of value to hear and be said.  This is not all about popularity or spin or ambition, but a sign the earth begs for the message.  IMHO.

Website, 1,652 views from 52 countries in last 27 hours.  Folks hunger to know and be informed.  You can see why.  Folks know things are not right, and are looking for someone or something, somewhere to tell them what to do, what to think, where to go, or why going anywhere might not help.

1,506 view in the top 23 countries, leaves 146 views of next 29 countries (top part: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Finland, Norway, France, Brazil, Belgium, India, Ireland, Trinadad and Tobago, Mexico, Switzerland, Neterlands, Spain, Greece, Argentina, Russia, Austria, and Sweden).

Wish to call this map of aggregated awareness, but better, ‘Map of those who can AFFORD awareness’, ‘at this time’!
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dk:  This is a truly important post.  Thanks for super blogger, Robin Westenra’s SeeMoreRocks blog, for picking up on this fast, here.  He is as you know, a tireless worker for the earth and all of those, like Paul or Guy McPherson who watch or speak on the issues.  He and Kevin Hester are the alpha and omega for New Zealand NTHE and Rapid Climate Change information promulgation, education, and awareness.  Thank you Robin!

dk2:  Hearty appreciation to Extinction Radio, which is on hiatus till after the elections.  We expect to see them back.  Rumors are, they are lining up deep, to be on the next show.  Fact. Typically, we share the show when Paul is presented or included but we make an unusual exception, tonight. They’ve done right by both he and Guy alike repeatedly.

Assuredly, group life is not perfect (loyalty, hearsay, blame, forgiveness, remedy), but the trend is decidedly up by way of quality, broad, consistent messaging and deserve a break in context.  The job gets done, as far as content and form:



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3 Responses to My Condolences to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

  1. John Englart says:

    Thanks Paul for all your educational videos. The vast majority of coral reef systems, from my reading, are unlikely to survive warming this century simply due to the inertia in the climate system. At atmospheric warming of 2C about 90 per cent of coral system will die. To preserve greater than 10 per cent of coral reefs worldwide would require limiting global warming to below 1.5 °C, and I fear we have long past that point of being able to limit warming to 1.5C. The window on limiting warming to 2C is fast closing.
    See ‘Limiting global warming to 2 °C is unlikely to save most coral reefs’ (Full paper
    I wrote an article on this paper and other related coral reef issues here:

    Also Coral reef ecosystems acidifying 3 times faster than open ocean is another concern

    and here are some experimental observations of coral in a high CO2 world from the Lizard Island research station on the Great Barrier Reef, and from high CO2 natural environment around volcanic vents in Milne Bay, Papua new Guinea.

    So most coral reef ecosystems are headed for extinction, most likely to be replaced by less diverse algal and seaweed based systems. It is only a matter of time. We are all part of this extremely sad death watch!


  2. Jeff C. says:

    Robin Westenra isn’t who you think he is. He refuses to allow any dissenting posts or contradictory opinions, censoring these comments to the point that nobody will even bother to comment on his site anymore (check out the 0 comments he gets on every post). He even admits to doing this. What is permitted to be seen is only a fraction of what makes it through his personal ‘filter’ and obviously, it is not the whole story on the topic at hand. For this reason, you should not endorse this site in anyway if you hope to retain credibility and fair / balanced reporting.


  3. Dale Lanan says:

    Good grief, if we don’t get the analogy of the Great Barrier Reef compared to our thinking at large.
    Imagine what would happen if people were honest and brave at the gravity of the situation at least.
    First there would be a genuine attempt to remedy contract law and wealth relative commons’ field @ thermodynamics and not trying to drag along the construct of a failed system of rendering to $..
    That at basis is like a ticket to freedom of consequence from affect relative to Earth’s Biosphere C.


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