Regions Will Be Uninhabitable, From Unrelenting Heat & Humidity. Primer on Wet Bulb Temp


Human Body Limit to Heat Stress from Abrupt Climate Change // Aug 3, 2018

The average persons core body temperature is 98.6 F (37 C). Human skin is a few degrees colder, being about 35 C (95 F).  Heat travels from hot regions to cold regions, according to the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

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Thus when the wet-bulb temperature, which is the temperature at 100% humidity, reaches 35 C (95 C) the human body can no longer shed heat (sweat no longer evaporates), thus core body temperature rises, and the healthiest person, (editor:  ‘even’) sitting in the shade, dies in about 6 hours.


The rest of us (young, old, medicated, out-of shape, obese, etc…) are SOL at even lower wet-bulb temperatures.  Adaptation would require living inside with AC, living in caves, or wearing cooled suits; who wants to do that??
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Uninhabitable Regions with Extreme Heat and Humidity // Aug 2, 2018

At 35 degrees Celsius (95 F) and 100% humidity (at 100% humidity this temperature is called the wet-bulb temperature) the human body is unable to cool itself by sweating, since the sweat will not evaporate from the skin. As a result, the body core temperature rises, heat exhaustion and then heatstroke sets in.

A physically healthy person sitting in the shade, in a well ventilated area, is dead in 6 hours. Higher temperatures, and correspondingly lower humidity do the same thing. The very young, old, people on medication, etc. succumb to less extreme temperatures and humidity.

This video expands upon my last video, which explains how many regions around the planet are reaching these uninhabitable conditions.
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Kevin Hester and Paul Beckwith on the Gary Null Show // Fri 03 Aug 2018, NZ

Thank you to Gary Null and Kevin Hester.

Thanks also to super blogger, Robin Westenra for sharing this at See More Rocks blog: ‘Paul Beckwith, Gary Null and Kevin Hester analyse the rapidly unfolding Climate Catastrophe‘.
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Unrelenting Heat, Humidity Will Soon Make Regions UNINHABITABLE // Aug 1, 2018

How hot can it actually get?  What is in store for us?  When you combine the heat domes sitting over many countries with high humidity, many areas around the planet will soon reach the deadly 35 C (95 F) 100% humidity (wet bulb temperature) or equivalent situation whereby a perfectly healthy person outside, in a well ventilated area, in the shade will die from the heat in 6 hours.

Most people, like the very young, the elderly, and the rest of us won’t last anywhere as long, at even lower temperatures.  I discuss the latest peer-reviewed science on how parts of high-risk regions in the North China Plains, Middle East, and South Asia will soon be rendered uninhabitable by combined heat and humidity.
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Antarctica Under Abrupt Climate Change // Jul 28, 2018

The majority of land masses are in the northern hemisphere, along with the majority of human populations. However, we can never forget the Southern Hemisphere, and the enormous mass of ice that sits on Antarctica.

With Arctic Temperature Amplification, mostly from an increase in absorbed sunlight due to darkening from snow and ice decline, more heat travels from the equator to the Southern Hemisphere, with important consequences to air and water circulation around Antarctica.

It is vital to understand how an Arctic Blue Ocean situation will impact glacier mass in Antarctica, and thus sea-level rise Extreme weather events around the entire globe are notching up in frequency, severity, and duration, as well as changing location, and many people are surprised that this is also happening in the Southern Hemisphere.
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4 Responses to Regions Will Be Uninhabitable, From Unrelenting Heat & Humidity. Primer on Wet Bulb Temp

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  3. Mike Roberts says:

    I’d read that pretty much nowhere on the planet gets above about 31C wet bulb temperature, currently, due to some feedbacks which limit that temperature but that, towards the end of the century, the limit will likely move up in some places.


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