COP26 Glasgow: Everything You Want to Know About the Arctic Cryosphere But Were Afraid to Ask

COP26 Glasgow: Everything You Want to Know About the Arctic Cryosphere But Were Afraid to Ask // Nov 11, 2021

I have loads and loads of videos that I will be uploading on my video channel over the next little while from my work and travels in Glasgow, Scotland.

They won’t all be in chronological order. I have been doing almost daily press conferences mostly with CEF (The Climate Emergency Forum), and some with Facing Future (, and most of these videos will be released over time by these respective organizations once they have been edited.

In the meantime, if you search the COP26 conference website for side event press conferences in the room Dundle Door for the NGO ICSD (The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development), then you will find the raw video footage filmed and recorded by the COP26 official media people.

I will post the entire series of presentation titles and links to the raw footage when I get a chance.

At the COP, in the Blue Zone, my favourite place to hang out has been in the Cryosphere Section.

Here is a video I filmed in the last hour or so in the Cryosphere Section covering many aspects of the Arctic Cryosphere like sea ice decline, mountain glaciers, permafrost, etc…

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Climate Talk on the Brink, Posted on November 11, 2021, by Radio Ecoshock

During COP16, Paul took advantage of the U.N. press room for non-profits. Some of the groups who booked time in advance did not show up, possibly due to COVID-19 travel complications. For example, the well-known Berkely group BEST, Berkeley Earth Surface Temperatures did not show for their presentation. So Paul was able to add a few sessions to his planned briefings. These included:

is presentation with Dr. Peter Wadhams (by video), Regina Valdez and Stephen Salter (by video) on marine cloud brightening. This has been a constant theme with Paul, namely that humans must somehow cool the Arctic, to prevent a total loss of sea ice. Otherwise Earth’s energy balance will tip too far for survival in many parts of the world. Stephen Salter is probably the world’s best-known authority on creating clouds by spraying sea water. Salter already presented a plan to do his from automated ships (no crew). As they are spraying ocean particles, it is the most natural approach. The YouTube video of that event here.
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