James Hansen Talks Climate Change at COP21


Three videos of great Q/A after James Hansen’s riveting talk on climate change threats at COP21, my first day in Paris.

Needless to say, he was surrounded by people with great questions afterwards [1]. I told him that I have created 99 videos on abrupt climate change, including a Series of Nine on his open source paper, which was posted online in the summer.

He was impressed, and said he’d go here to find them.  Every bit helps.  170,300 views and still counting.  My next video is my jubilee, at number 100.  David tells me that 500,000 is not that far off as a result of this work and YOUR support.  I wholly agree.

After his talk, I had opportunity to speak with at length with him about Arctic temperature amplification, jet stream slowing and waviness and the risks of abrupt climate change from methane feedbacks.

Although he has been a strong supporter of Bill McKibbon’s group 350Now on the necessity of returning to global atmospheric CO2 concentrations of 350 ppm, Hansen would not specifically use the words Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR). I also spoke on the necessity of the 3 legs of the solutions stool: 1) Zero emissions as soon as possible, 2) Remove CO2 from the atmosphere with CDR, and 3) Apply Solar Radiation Management (SRM) to cool the Arctic.

James Hansen Talks climate change at COP21 (1/3) // Published on Dec 1, 2015

‘At first I was not able to get into the basement room for this  talk in Paris off-site (Naomi Klein was on earlier) but I persisted and succeeded with only minutes to spare. I filmed the 45 minute talk including the Q/A and divided the footage into three parts for YouTube posting.’
———- ———-

James Hansen talks climate change at COP21 (2/3) // Published on Dec 1, 2015

‘Here is the second part of three of James Hansen’s presentation on climate injustice at COP21 in Paris.’

I sat on the floor in front
of the crowd and filmed
this priceless, candid video.
———- ———-

James Hansen talks climate change at COP21 (3/3) // Published on Dec 1, 2015

‘This third and final video that I filmed in Paris on my first day there is the conclusion of Hansen’s talk and the Q/A. The crowd hung on every word of the presentation. I had an unobstructed view for filming the entire event.’
———- ———-

Cathy Cowan Becker’s photo, ‘Last night I got to see Naomi Klein and James Hansen at Place to B. Naomi has to leave quickly, but here’s the media scrum around Hansen.’


———- ———-

AMEG has received a signficant plug from Bloomberg Business, shown here:  ‘How to Slow Climate Change With a Fake Volcano‘.  Anthropogenic Arctic Volcano, is a term I originated and is very relevant.  See my of post of same name, at Arctic News, from Thursday, January 10, 2013 here.

———- ———-

[1] dk.  Notice the off the chart ‘brain density reading‘ measures of 14,387 Becktabites, when Paul and James are standing next to each other.  Quite a sight.  This results in a figure seen once every 4.7 years in North America, and in Europe occurs less than once every 6.6 years among English speakers according to MeltonPedia.  these are really unique people.  All of them.

Paul thanks his donors for materially assisting him to get here.  Continued support is materially beneficial on assuredly frugal travel.  Moreover:  the website is also now at 13,000 views in just seven weeks, with nine-thousand in November.  We are preparing for easily 100,000 views by end of 2016.  That’s 28,000 unique visitors.

That equates to one in each thousand persons for all of the major non-American English speaking countries combined of Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, when Germany is added for good measure.  Not bad.


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6 Responses to James Hansen Talks Climate Change at COP21

  1. Hello Paul
    Congrats on you making it to Paris, I for one is quite happy to see you there.
    Good luck at saving the world


  2. c56young says:

    Thanks a lot for this great presentation by Hansen.

    It’s essential that he succeeds in getting a carbon free to come out of this conference. Or the very least to follow shortly afterwards.

    We need to be at negative in missions now given the dangers nonlinear acceleration of melting in Antarctica and Greenland. This simple fact has got to be hammered into the public mind until they won’t tolerate anything except a global emergency mobilization to get off fossil fuels within years not decades. Signing the online pledge or petition at The Climate Mobilization website will help get a global pressure group for this kind of World War II scale mobilization.


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  4. nick987654 says:

    I read the article about using fake volcano eruptions, that sounds pretty dangerous, even without taking into account that it’s hard to predict what the explosion would do.

    Instead, wouldn’t it be possible to launch ICBMs on the moon to explode the surface of the moon? The escape velocity of the moon being low, the debris would spread in orbit around the Earth. That would create a ring of dust in the equatorial axis of the Earth, and would reduce the insolation we get from the sun.


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