Everyone OUTSIDE For Weeks, Suppressing Pandemic?

Could we all live OUTSIDE for a few weeks to SUPPRESS the Coronavirus Pandemic? // Apr 23, 2020

Last video I discussed extensive detailed results in a scientific study (link immediate below) looking at coronavirus virus transmission in over 7000 cases. There was only ONE case in which a person outdoors transmitted the virus to another person outdoors.

This is quite an amazing result, and needs to be studied carefully in further work. It obviously suggests that we may be safer outside, as long as we maintain social (physical) distancing. Does it mean that if the world moved outside for a few weeks to we could suppress the disease? Or perhaps if every window in every building was opened wide would maybe that be enough?

Ref:  What Makes The Novel Coronavirus So Contagious?  By Ben L. Callif, April 9, 2020.  Eleven minute read at Medium.
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How the CORONAVIRUS is an INDOOR disease // Apr 22, 2020

I chat about recent scientific findings on coronavirus spreading being almost exclusively indoors. In the study, case reports and contact tracing were looked at in 320 municipalities in China, examining all outbreaks involving 3 or more cases; the major characteristics and indoor environmental issues associated with the enclosed spaces were studied.

The venues where the outbreaks occurred were in 6 main categories:

  • homes,
  • transport,
  • food,
  • entertainment,
  • shopping, and lastly
  • miscellaneous.

Only a SINGLE outbreak occurred OUTSIDE, and it involved only two cases!!!
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Why Coronavirus is so Contagious: It is like Wet Noodles that you Throw Against a Wall and Stick // Apr 21, 2020

Third in a new series of 4 videos (now 5) on my latest climate change and coronavirus musings.  Topics:

  • Arctic polar vortex collapse spilling cold dry air south into US Deep South, clashing with warm humid air moving north from crazily warm Gulf of Mexico Sea-Surface Temperature anomaly 2.25 C, creating huge storms with tornado outbreaks, including a huge pair (2 mile wide; 1 mile wide) cutting up to 80 mile devastation swath.
  • 5 C temperature anomaly over huge Eurasian region. Dimming?
  • Why coronavirus spread is huge; prion-like features and “wet-noodle” stickiness.
  • Large China contact tracing study on how spread is indoors, NOT outdoors.

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Not so Greatest but Latest on the Coronavirus and Abrupt Climate Change // Apr 20, 2020

Second in a series. Latest musings on climate and coronavirus.
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