Logic 101: COVID-19 Spreading Characteristics: What We Know

Logic 101: COVID-19 Spreading Characteristics: What We Know // Apr 15, 2020

Logic 101: Coronavirus Spread:

  • 1) The virus can be spread by people who never develop any symptoms.
  • 2) People that get sick may have no symptoms for two weeks.
  • 3) People travel all around the world; can spread virus anywhere within a day or two.
  • 4) Virus has exponential growth with high R0 value.
  • 5) China locked down 50-70 million people starting Jan 23rd.
  • 6) Given 1 to 5, obviously the virus will go global. What more did anyone need to know? Blaming China, WHO, a specific leader etc. now is counterproductive; we need global cooperation and sharing of the science to face our challenges.

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The Latest and Not so Greatest Musings on Abrupt Climate Change and Coronavirus Happenings // Apr 16, 2020

I filmed a new series of 4 videos on my latest climate change and coronavirus musings. Topics:

  • Arctic polar vortex collapse spilling cold dry air south into US Deep South, clashing with warm humid air moving north from crazily warm Gulf of Mexico Sea-Surface Temperature anomaly 2.25 C, creating huge storms with tornado outbreaks, including a huge pair (2 mile wide; 1 mile wide) cutting up to 80 mile devastation swath.
  • Huge 5 C temperature anomaly this year over huge Eurasian region.
  • Dimming? Why coronavirus spread is huge; prion-like features and “wet-noodle” stickiness.

Massive China contact tracing study on how spread is indoors, NOT outdoors. And more…

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