Can Hurricanes Trigger Earthquakes? Young Turks, Save The World Interview

How Hurricanes (Typhoons, Cyclones) Trigger Earthquakes As They Cross Continental Shelves: 1 of 2 // Oct 20, 2019

When Typhoon Hagibis hit Tokyo, Japan October 12th, 2019 there was a 5.7 earthquake the same day. A new paper discusses “stormquakes”, as a new discovery connecting small magnitude 3.5 earthquakes to tropical storms or nor’easters crossing “ocean banks” on continental shelves, exciting vibrations in the rock that can then propagate across entire continents.

However, this is not new stuff!! I discussed these connections with Hurricane Sandy in the fall of 2012, where the storm triggered three large earthquakes (magnitudes 7.8, 6.3, and 6.2) off Vancouver, Canada.

Ref:  ‘Typhoon Hagibis and Japan earthquake: Can hurricanes and typhoons trigger earthquakes?‘ by Kate Whitfield, Sun, Oct 13, 2019.
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Second video, Hurricanes Triggering Earthquakes: New Research on So-Called “StormQuakes”:  2 of 2here.
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On October 13th, Paul had a short–but well conducted–interview with John Iadarola on The Young Turks:  ‘Science EXPOSES Greta Thunberg Haters‘, on The Damage Report, TYT.

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Paul is ‘the first person interviewed when you open the Table of Contents pdf’, on Talk Show, TOC:  To Save The World.

Project Save the World is sponsored by Peace Magazine:  ‘We post a new hour-long video discussion every Monday at 8:00 pm EDT on Peace Magazine’s Facebook page, YouTube, and our website,, where you can endorse the Platform for Survival, 25 public policy proposals to reduce the risk of six threats to humankind.

Each sound track is available as an audio podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and other sites, as well as on our website‘.

Ref:  Their Project Save the World newsletter, can be downloaded here (word).
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  1. Richard Swan says:

    Ronald Wright has added an update to “A Short History of Progress” :
    A link to share with others that does not take too much time to read and shows the big picture of humanity’s trajectory up to the present time. I do not have a suitable website of my own to serve this purpose, so I have simply put the one above in that field.


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