Sea Rise & Power Plants, War & Carbon, Epidemics, Military Carbon

Rapid Sea-Level Rise “Threat Multipliers” to Coastlines, Nuclear Power Plants, and Mega-Cities

The military worries about rapid climate system change as being a “threat multiplier”. As climate caused catastrophes worsen, risks to nuclear power plants, spent radioactive fuel storage, and the power grid proportionately increase.

  • We’ve already had nuclear power plants narrowly missing direct hits by massive hurricanes, specifically in Florida in the last few years.
  • We had to throttle down power output from nuclear plants using river cooling water during heat waves, due to high water temperatures, or low water levels. The biggest risk going forward is to coastal nuclear plants being swamped by rapid sea level rise.

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Waging War Has Gigantic Carbon Footprint that is NOT even Counted in Overall Global Emissions

Horribly, some major industries that cross borders, most significantly container shipping transport, and airline transport, for both goods and people, are not counted in global carbon budgets.

The military carbon footprints in most countries are not counted either, or even calculated consistently and publicly reported on or even acknowledged. Many, like the U.S. military, which has waged war since 2001, have an enormous carbon footprint. This has to change, with our climate emergency nobody gets a free pass. In this video and the next two, I continue to chat on risks of collapse of the U.S. military from abrupt climate system change.
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Climate Change Caused Power Grid Collapse and Disease Epidemics Could CRUSH U.S. Military Like a Bug

Cascading, devastating, consequences of abrupt climate change are hitting us (you and I) harder and harder, threatening to even topple the mighty U.S. military within 20 years.

One of the weakest links in modern economies is the rapidly degrading electrical power grid; think of the enormous size, power, and wealth in California’s high-tech industries, yet many companies and over a million people there have been facing rolling power outages with their decrepit, wildfire causing power line poles being toppled in Santa Ana winds, bringing economies to their knees.

  • What happens when the power no longer comes on?

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U.S. Military Could Collapse within 20 Years due to Climate Change: Pentagon Commissioned Report

A recent report by the U. S. Army War College (Pentagon commissioned) concludes that the U. S. Military could collapse within 20 years from climate change. This is a startling admission; that the most powerful military force that has ever existed on Earth could be rendered impotent, crushed like a bug, in less than 2 decades by climate change.

Clearly, the ability of abrupt climate system mayhem to utterly destroy humanities military, infrastructure, indeed human civilization itself is scarcely recognized or acted on by human power structures, yet is blindingly obvious to hordes of schoolchildren around the planet (and me).
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