Vulnerability and Mayhem: Greenland, Blue Ocean Events, & Accelerating Sea Rise

Greenland Vulnerability to BOE and Accelerating Global Sea-Level Rise // Aug 7, 2019

Five years ago I posted the video: “Can global sea level rise 7 meters by 2070?”; based on the ongoing 7 to 10 year doubling rates of ice melt from Greenland and Antarctica this magnitude of sea level rise is indeed very possible.  Now, 5 years later,

  • Greenland lost a record 12.5 billion tons of ice in one day (last Thursday),
  • and a record 217 billion tons in July alone. With a dreaded Arctic Blue-Ocean Event (BOE) likely by 2022 or sooner,
  • there will be complete September sea-ice loss and very large warming spikes,

further exposing Greenland to accelerated, crippling ice loss.


Ref:  ‘Global sea level rise began accelerating ‘30 years earlier’ than previously thought‘, 5 August 2019 16:00, Ayesha Tandon:

The study, published in Nature Climate Change, introduces a new technique to more accurately determine historical global sea levels by combining two different statistical approaches.  It was found that the southern hemisphere, home to many developing small island nations, experienced the majority of the observed sea level rise, the lead author tells Carbon Brief.  The implication of this work is that ocean heat uptake will “likely increase again in the near future, further increasing the rate of current sea level rise”, another scientist tells Carbon Brief….
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Arctic-Sea Ice Collapse: Greenland Vulnerability; Global Sea-Level Rise; Extreme Weather Mayhem // Aug 10, 2019

In this video I expand upon my argument that global sea level will indeed rise 7 meters by 2070, as I originally discussed over 5 years ago in a video.

  • An Arctic Blue-Ocean Event (BOE) is likely by 2022 and will cause very large warming spikes that will further expose Greenland to:
  • accelerated, catastrophic ice loss with an abrupt increase in the frequency, severity, and duration of extreme weather events globally, as well as very rapid sea level rise.

As I said 5 years ago, I expect global sea level to: rise 7 m by around 2070, about 3.5 m by 2063, and about 1.75 m by 2055 or so.
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1 Response to Vulnerability and Mayhem: Greenland, Blue Ocean Events, & Accelerating Sea Rise

  1. Burt says:

    Paul, you might want to check out the work from Jorgen Steffensen. In the data he has compiled from Greenland ice core’s, it clearly shows a correlation between the lack of arctic sea ice and a complete change of atmosphere wind patterns within a 1 to 3 year period. I’m sure you have been following the jet stream patterns and wondered what your opinion is of them. I have seen the changes week to week. Not good..


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